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  • Compared: New Apple Silicon Mac mini versus Intel Mac Mini

    cloudguy said:
    "Now the RAM is what Apple calls unified memory ..."

    Unified memory was invented and named by Nvidia - back in 2013 - and is a widely known and used technology. So their options for calling it something else were a bit constrained. 
    Not sure why Nvidia would claim to have invented or named a technology that's been around since the last century, but I first saw Unified Memory Architecture when SGI introduced it in the O2 workstation back in 1996.
  • Apple scrutinized for 'Find My' restrictions placed on third-party developers

    DAalseth said:
    bageljoey said:
    I have reasonable confidence that Apple isn’t going to use the information for tracking me—not because I’m a wide eyed sheeple, but because Apple makes their money from selling premium hardware and increasingly by selling associated services. Loss of user trust would cost them tremendously. 
    I was thinking of up-voting, but you used the word sheeple. 
    Poof all of your credibility is gone.
    But he used "sheeple" on himself to clarify what he's not. I think that's acceptable and his credibility in the post stands.
  • How Apple Pay beat the odds because of great design

    "From iOS 12, you'll be able to use Apple Pay Cash to effectively send money over text message." Apple Pay Cash has been available since iOS 11.2.
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  • Kuo: Both iPhone 16 Pro models will use tetraprism camera in 2024

    charlesn said:
    Even after a lifetime of of photography as a prosumer hobby to the point of having a home color darkroom, I'm finding it hard to understand what's going on with lenses in Apple's latest Pro cameras. I assumed, for example, that the new Pro Max tetraprism lens was handling the optical zoom range not available in the regular Pro: 3.1x to 5x. Nope! A professional camera review of the lens that I read this weekend noted that the new lens only does 5x. Everything from 3.1x to 4.9x is handled on the main camera sensor. Which means what, exactly? A crop? Apple isn't helping things by claiming that its three lens set-up is actually seven lenses. A true zoom lens covers all of the focal lengths within its range optically and uses the full sensor size within the camera regardless of the focal length you're using. In theory, the 3 lenses in the new Pro Max set up can cover all focal lengths from 13mm to 120mm. But how much of that range is achieved through the use of true zoom optics and how much is achieved through cropping of the full image on the sensor? To go back to my earlier example: how is the main camera handling 3.1x to 4.9x if not by cropping, since the main camera does not have that optical range?
    It helps to be more specific with the word "cropping." There's cropping and enlarging the cropped image back to the original size, and then there's lossless sensor cropping. The former results in garbage while the latter can produce stellar results depending on the situation. You specifically referred to is as "cropping of the full image on the sensor."

    When shooting FHD (1920x1080, 2 MP) video on a 48 MP sensor, the lossless digital zoom actually yields more information up to twice the focal length. Sensor zoom is used from 3.1x - 5x and again from 5.1x - 10x or 12x, and digital zoom beyond that.

    Of course, the range for sensor zoom is less for UHD video and none for 12 MP photos shot on the 120 mm camera's 12 MP sensor. But shooting 24 MP photos on the wide camera's 48 MP sensor yields lossless sensor zooming up to 4x. I think the bad spot is shooting photos between 4.1x - 5x as it's just cropping and enhancing the 4x photo until 4.9x. Even in that range, with sufficient light, the upscaling is slight enough that pixelation will be minimal in the final result.

    Feel free to correct anything I said. 
  • Apple AirTag anti-stalking features aren't working in a lot of cases

    crowley said:
    Kill the product, own it as a mistake, and work with Google on a solution to digital stalking that works across both platforms for as many tracking devices as possible.

    Can't believe Apple were so stupid as to think this was a path worth walking.
    Knives, guns, baseball bats, and cars are often used as weapons. Computers and phones are used by criminals to commit a wide variety of crimes. 

    Unless you're trolling, I don't understand your logic. Why kill a successful product because it's abused by only a fraction of a fraction of users?
  • Are the iPhone 13 differences that noticeable?

    The cameras largely remain the same 12MP wide and 12MP ultra-wide cameras as the iPhone 12.

    A minor, but beneficial change, is that Apple has upgraded image stabilization. It's gone from optical image stabilization to sensor-shift image stabilization. This moves the sensor itself rather than the lens and results in sharper images. But most people won't notice this -- it's an incremental step up.
    This is misleading. Apple brought down the iPhone 12 Pro Max's massive wide camera sensor to all iPhone 13 phones. The 47% larger sensor delivers much higher signal to noise ratio, and with an even larger f/1.5 aperture to boot, yields incredible low light performance with much less noise suppression. Throw in the sensor shift stabilization and it's just sick.

    So even the cute little iPhone 13 mini has the best smart phone camera on the planet, by a wide margin.
  • 'Captain America' star Chris Evans misses the Home Button, says new iPhones too heavy

    The iPhone's too heavy for Capitan America? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Linux for Apple Silicon adds first conformant M1 GPU driver

    Interestingly, the project points out that Apple's own drivers for Apple Silicon are not conformant for any standard graphics API

    As expected given that Apple GPU drivers only support its own Metal API. 
  • Unity's self-sabotage with pricing will be a long-term problem for Apple

    Damn, this is THE legendary Peter Cohen on Apple Insider! I've been reading the rumor sites since they started decades ago. From MacOSRumors to AppleInsider. I also used to read David's articles on MacCentral and MacWorld (still haven't gotten around to deleting my MacCentral bookmark).

    Back in '98, the founders of MacOSRumors and AppleInsider and I used to be in the #Macintosh IRC channel and all met up at one of the MacWorld parties in San Francisco. 

    Never did I expect AppleInsider to grow its reputation to the point of attracting established journalists. 
  • Apple iPad Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 - compared

    The Apple iPad Pro offers a range of storage options, starting from 128GB and going up to a massive 2TB, catering to casual users and professionals who handle large files, and configuration options for up to 16GB of RAM.

    No iPad has configuration options for RAM.