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  • Analysts predict Apple Pencil support in 2019 iPhone - again

    I think Steve just rolled over...
    Unless there's an earthquake, Steve ain't rollin' over.  The man's dead.  Please don't misguidedly invoke his memory.  His stylus quote was uttered at a different point in time, referencing different tech, and in a context completely different from today's tech.  Also the man wasn't intractable in his though processes.  That quote was uttered over a decade ago.  Things have changed.  If he was alive today, I'd bet he'd consider a lot of the thoughts he had a dozen years ago to be no longer be relevant.  Pretty sure it's the same way with you, me, and everyone else.  

    On topic:  I personally think it was only a matter of time before the iPhone gained stylus support.  I also think the iPhone is going to get it's own iPhone sized version next.  The key here is, just like with the iPad, it's an accessory not a requirement.  Those who don't want one don't have to get one.  Choice is a good thing.  
    Wow, nice meltdown on something that was absolutely justified for him to express. Jobs wasn't a fan of a stylus for phones because he understood it's a device that's carried in the pocket, purse, etc. which makes no sense to tag along another device that has limited use scenarios when we have 10 built-in styluses. Primary use and benefits of a stylus will always be on a tablet sized device or larger. You charge the Apple pencil through the lightning port, separate USB charger or magnetic attachment on 2nd gen. This obviously creates less than desirable scenarios for a phone that have to be overcome by the design. No one wants a stylus sticking out of their phone while it's charging and they need to use it. Having another charging cable/adapter to mess with is quickly becoming antiquated and the magnetic charging is another process that will have an affect on the phone from both a design and power standpoint. Pretty amazing for you to launch into a preachy lecture without thoroughly thinking over the scenario. The natural touch use and design of the iPhone has not changed in such a way since Jobs announced the first iPhone to necessitate the need for a stylus. If Apple were to keep the pencil at the current size and bring it to the iPhone it would be laughable. A smaller version would have some appeal to a select audience but after a short period as more folding devices,etc. enter the market a stylus on iPhone will go the way of the Mac Cube. So, please don't misguidedly tell other people their perspective is invalid when it's very much based on fact and reality.
  • Apple, Oprah Winfrey sign multi-year deal for TV programming

    Why does Apple have to try and copy what everyone else does? Music, self-driving car, TV content, etc.....I mean what the hell?? Let those companies be great at the one thing they do and the consumer reaps the reward. You can't be in every space and be great at it. So should HBO create a phone now?

    How depressing that the de facto company that lead the way in technology innovation now has such a fragmented focus they can't get the results Apple used to bring to creatives and consumers. It's like a restaurant that has 30 things on the menu. They don't do any of them great so you get mediocre results and nothing innovative. Apple needs leadership again that wants to rock the space they were great at and lose this antiquated own everything Microsoft perspective.