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  • Samsung could have its own Apple Park with $5 billion, but has the ashes of Galaxy Note 7 ...

    First, there has been about $500 million of free publicity for apple's new HQ and nother $500 million when it opens - how many other companies get that?

    It's not like they built in some small obsure city. If things really go south, the building isn't going own in value, just as sears did not lose money building the tower.

    as for samsung, by the recall, it's evident that their flagship phones sell about 10% f what a typical iphone sells in its first month (one reason that samsung has NEVER EVER announced sales numbers) so the 8 will undoubtedly sell in even fewer numbers ... and a facial recognition system that can be defeated by a photo - typical samsung technology. their business plan woks in the fridge or washing machine market but against Apple? They are stumped.
  • After 8 years, IDC admits Apple's iPad is leading the tablet market 'unabated'

    Good article and analysis.

    The hidden truth in trying to boost android and windows is so they can continue to sell $20k white papers/analysis to dozens if not hundreds of interested party. THey have a vested financial interest in pretending others can compete ...

    Bottom line, Android is only used when it's free on a super cheap phone or included as part of a subsidized phone. If you have to pay full price for android, hardly anyone does (watches, tablets, home devices) - even sales on heavily subsidized products (like Kindle and Tv sticks) are not great. Surprise, Apple after 1 Q makes 88% of the profits in the smart speaker market. Or that Samsung mobile includes their cip manufacturing and screen manufacturing revenue so it's hard to tell exactly what the numbers are. Industry analysts guess the Galaxy sells about 15% in numbers what the flagship iphone sells. BTW, Amazon and Samsung have NEVER announced sales numbers for their models. NEVER - while Apple announces specific numbers EVERY QUARTER. 

    Same with most media - they cannot sell ads if they simply announce the truth of android phones versus iPhones - 1 potential advertiser versus a few dozen or hundreds ... so it's better to do a lot of fluff reviews and hope your skirt over things like the review of Pixel (photos are blurry but Google assures us its a pre-production software and will be fixed - can you a) imagine Apple allowing that to be released and b) any media company not adding "GATE" to the end to the end of that?) BTW, the Pixel has a 0.07% market share but reviews make it seem like it's breathing down the neck of Apple ... afraid of Google much?

    But ultimately, consumers know. 

    BTW, your FICO score will drop about 45 points when you buy an android phone ... so if that's important to you ...