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  • Zoom users report Mac microphone staying on after calls

    This does not appear to be limited to Zoom. I get this after using the macOS built-in screen recording, although not the first time I use it. Usually it stays on after the fourth or fifth time I record the screen, but after that it will not turn off and the only solution is to reboot.
  • Fake App Store reviews spark developer outrage, highlighting need for enforcement

    sbdude said:
    I can see his frustration, but he's not exacting pulling down 5 stars himself. His latest rating is a 3.4 with 709 reviews, and all the one-stars appear legitimate and have legitimate complaints, and he's responded to all the ones I saw. Perhaps if he improved his own app, achieving higher ratings, he wouldn't have to worry about competitors poaching his purchases.
    Although there is some truth in what you say about improving his own product, the issue is not that he's crying foul on competitors. He's crying foul on IP theft and a review system that fails to prevent Apple's own customers from fraud.
    These are not competing apps. These are non-functional apps that use a combination of IP theft to look like competitors (outright theft of images and videos that are by default copyrighted in the US) and fake reviews to boost the perception of user satisfaction, in order to dupe Apple's App Store customers into paying money for nothing. Adobe can afford to play whack-a-mole with these issues without needing Apple's help, but the small-shop and single-member LLC/sole-proprietor developers rely on Apple caring about all of its customers enough to enforce some semblance of legitimacy, something they are resoundingly failing at right now.
  • Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR coming in September, says Apple [u]

    This has changed, btw. It now says "Coming This Fall" on the "Notify Me" dialog.
  • How to update your Steam install to 64-bit before macOS Catalina

    Or, Valve could do their own work, and do this properly themselves.

    If they want me to fix their problems, they can pay for my work.
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  • Apple liable for millions in unpaid wages after court rules retail worker bag checks illeg...

    linkman said:
    To counter those that are saying that Apple should make most of the store employees salaried: in the US they are covered by federal labor and wage laws and because of the nature of the tasks the employees do most of them must be paid hourly. See
    Nonsense. All store employees could be fired and rehired under salaried compensation.
    No. You're wrong. Re-read the information provided at the link. Most Apple Store employees do not meet the requirements to be classified as exempt.