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  • Expedia chairman attacks Apple's 'disgusting' 30% commission fee

    I wasn’t sure I bought the Microsoft influence in this, but this is totally a Microsoft shill in my book. What a sham. 

    Who is the judge? Is there a mailing address for them? Can we start writing advocacy letters on Apple’s behalf? Maybe Apple Insider needs to be posting that address. 
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  • Apple adds new 'Leaving Soon' section to Apple Arcade, starting with 15 titles

    I’ve heard that the Human Resources department is considering this same management approach for employees. Wasn’t that the recent news that hit the stock price? jk. 
  • Microsoft says Windows on ARM will not support Apple M1 Macs

    Apple should offer to sell/license M1 to Microsoft for use in Surface devices. Wouldn’t pigs fly then eh?
  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    I suspect this is just a platform fork for Apple. They have the scale and the revenues to do it. So why not just follow the Microsoft compliance tradition and essentially break your product for EMEA. Don’t break it so bad that you lose all your customers who are well locked in, but break it badly enough that there’s a very partial App Store, that there is no payment stack, that there is a messaging variant with limited features. For this season anyway, reduce functionality enough to balance still serving users, but create a distinctly different experience that is limited. Maybe everything comes later to Europe as well.  While you’re doing this, your development team gets to explore potential accommodations, and think about future architecture should the rest of the world follow along. Maybe you can lose 10 to 20% of market, but that doesn’t kill your market.  Then wait and see what North America does. I’m just not sure that Tim Cook is agile enough to execute a strategy like that, otherwise I would assume that is what is coming. 
  • Apollo Neuro review: wearable mood management at a price

    Bandai should combine this with a tamagotchi. It’d be a hit.  Like a digital support animal. 
  • Social media apps must pay App Store 30% for boosts

    but it’s that kind of crap that’s fuelling the push to call Apple a monopoly and force them to allow people to load Apps from outside the AppStore. Then everyone loses.
    Agreed. It would be fascinating to see a flow chart of Apple’s internal teams involved in the final set of policies, because it seems utterly tone deaf for the times and likely to tear the AppStore apart. I can’t believe there’s not enough internal leadership to manage strategy better. Poking a bee hive with a stick because you’re not paying attention. 
  • Hands on with Moft's folding iPhone stands and MagSafe battery

    You guys desperately need to try a little harder with your use of the snap stand. I’ve been using one for over a year now and it is by far the best wallet case I have ever used.  It’s much more durable than any other wallet I’ve tried, I carry an insurance card, a drivers license card and two credit cards in mine with ease, and by pulling on the centerpoint of the stand part, it flips open easily to access cards with more ease than any other wallet I’ve ever used. Both Magbak and Apple wallets have disintegrated on me in months, and I have dropped the MOFT into tap water many times and wetted it with ocean water a number of times with no issues. The only thing that damaged it was crushing it between the rear bumper and back door of the Ford transit at the beach with plenty of sand and dirt, where it got smeared to the side and finally became slightly looser in the back a bit and nicked it on one side, but that was 3 months ago and it STILL functions and looks tolerably decent. At over a year of constant use, it is only now just starting to show corner abrasions. I do not believe there will EVER be a better wallet. It’s utility as a stand is only a plus. And my Spigen case - which does have an additional magnet - holds great in floating mode. Try harder AI - this is a great wallet. 🙂