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  • Tips: How to load content and get your iPhone ready for travel for the holidays

    I learned the hard way (12 hr flight to Israel with no power [ashtrays in the seat arms!!!] and only their choice on wifi) that downloads on Netflix need to connect to the internet to verify. On the return flight used power block and while in the airport connected to Netflix on all devices. It worked, just kept Netflix in background and opened d/l content on my device as I wanted it, even though in Airplane mode. 
  • A history of the iPad Mini, from life to limbo

    I’m an old Blackberry fan. I still use my PlayBook for some things. I also have an original smaller keyboard Kindle. Yet, my daily go to for many things, including schooling and linking through OneNote, using TeamViewer, ForScore (in both choral music and orchestral on the stand) is done on my Mini4. Sadly I only have the 16GB version, but I only wish that they would add pencil capability. I even when on the road with my 11.6” PC use it with XDisplay to give me a second touchscreen extended display. And my phone is a 7+, and it’s definitely not a suitable substitute, as some software doesn’t play well on that form factor. So when it’s abandoned, I’ll probably pick up a refurbished 128 GB, maybe with LTE. There’s still a great role for them, especially since I have used  Tweakbox to load Kodi and can now stream to my ATV4. 
    Not all of us want or need a Slablet. 
  • Updated 2022 iPad Pro models could use four-pin Smart Connectors

    3 or 4 pins, I don’t care. Put one set on the bottom edge and one on a side edge. I’m tired of attached keyboards having to stick to one orientation. 
  • Coming to a theater near you - Blackberry: The Motion Picture

    As a committed BB user (hey, my playbook is still working well, have the teeny tiny BT keyboard, and with the adapter shows well on an HDTV) I still believe that Balsillie was so distracted by his campaign to bring major league sports to Hamilton that he failed to heed opinions around him, and that the abysmal attempt to regain usability for the everyday user was dead on every launch. I still mourn the passing of BB10, to me a truly intuitive OS. When forced to choose, I opted for iOS as Android just doesn’t do it for me.