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  • The iPod touch is a worthy end to the iconic music line

    We still use hundreds of iPod touch 6th Gen. in our Hotels, to let our Room Attendants and other Staff know about: next to clean Rooms & Tasks to perform through Service Apps, but also stay in touch with them via Voice over IP Apps + Text Messaging. So a big chunk of the Hospitality Market would love to see a 7th Gen. iPod to be released. If Apple would do a 3 year Refresh Cycle, I would be fine with that! Otherwise there would be only the iPhone SE and hopefully its future Successors as an Alternative, even though a pricey one... compared to an iPod touch. But also Parents may more likely provide an iPod touch to their Kids than handing over an iPhone to watch Movies, However in Hospitality we also make use of the iPad mini – which in turn would be also a good Device for the Kids on Travel. Just update the iPad mini, with a stronger Processor, keep the Touch ID & perhaps add a better Camera for Snapshots. The sole 128GB Version would continue to be fine for this Device Category. The regular sized iPad is too large and a Plus sized iPhone usually too expensive for large Scale Roll outs.
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  • Intel takes aim at Apple, instead shoots itself in the dongle

    Just a Pity, 
    that we are likely not seeing any updated Intel MacBookPro's this year - 
    although Tim Cook had noted, that there are still some Intel Mac Updates in the Pipeline (!) 

    However with this petty Advertising, Tim will likely show Intel the Middle Finger 
    and turbo boost the Roll-out of Apple Silicon, 
    so that he can say at WWDC2021 in the Summer - Transition completed ! ! !
  • Microsoft Windows 10X reportedly paused to focus on Windows 10 enhancements

    I wonder when the Microsoft Surface NEO Laptop is finally making its Debut ?