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  • iPhone XR hands-on: New model called 'fascinating,' 'a super-strange phone'

    chasm said:
    Can anyone tell me how the XR camera would be in comparison to the 8 plus? On paper XR looks inferior. 1. Dual camera vs single lens. 2. 2X zoom on 8 plus X zoom on XR. Anything I'm missing here?
    We'll have to wait for in-depth testing, but while the single-lens of the Xr has picked up some impressive tricks, it's extremely unlikely that it won't be found lacking compared to the cameras, plural, on the Xs. Judging only from photos seen during the event, though, I think most people will be very satisfied with the quality of the images they get from the Xr, and frankly I find it to be the best value of the phones introduced today. It's 90 percent of an iPhone X (and larger!) basically.
    I’m comparing with 8 plus. I own a 8+ and on Apple upgrade program. Wondering if it makes sense to switch from 8+ to XR. For me Camera is the most important feature, so I don’t want to upgrade to a phone with a downgraded camera.
  • Apple's iPhone XR has the best claimed battery life of any iPhone, ever

    saarek said:
    saarek said:
    lkrupp said:
    saarek said:
    The more I read about the iPhone Xr the more I realise that it represents the best value, by a long margin, of the three new handsets.

    No way does an OLED screen and a slightly better camera system justify £250 more.
    You can have your opinion and I can have mine.
    Absolutely, you’re more than entitled to your opinion of course! I have to say I am genuinely intrigued by your opinion though.

    What is it, about the Xs, that justifies in your mind the extra £250 over the Xr?
    2x optical zoom isn’t “slightly better” to anyone who shoots a lot of photos/video. Also, Xs has 1GB more RAM, 3D Touch, IP68.

    anything else I’m missing?
    3D Touch, at least generally to my knowledge, is not used by most iPhone users. I think the only time I use it is when I want to choose how bright I want the torch to be, but your milage may vary of course.

    The extra ram has not yet been confirmed, has it? But even so it is likely to be a negligible hit to the performance.

    IP68, definitely a plus, but I can't think of many scenarios where this will really make a difference. Dropping it in the pool, down the toilet, in a fishing lake etc and you're all good to go with either handset.

    Optical Zoom, yes I can see why you'd want that if you use the phone in a semi-professional capacity. But for most people who just want to take holiday snaps pics of the kids, you'll not notice a difference.

    **Update, there is a difference in the Ram, 3GB vs 4GB, but benchmarks seem to indicate a very small increase in performance overall, generally unnoticeable. 
    I was in the same camp when the iphone was launched. But I think other than the screen the camera is a big downgrade from the iPhone 8+ that I currently have. The zoom alone probably matters most to anyone who only uses iPhone for all kinds of photography.