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  • Broadway shows turning to iPads to simplify production & cut down on waste

    My question unfortunately would be, wasting paper is much cheaper than buying iPads for the whole production crew and cast members. While I am 100% for saving paper this just seems like an overly expensive way to waste money rather than paper. 
    This article was terribly misinformed. Perhaps a Bway show Stage Manager can use an iPad but that’s not where the black hole of paper waste lives. 

    Far and away away the largest waste is incidental sheet music for every part in the orchestra multiples over every musician playing their respective parts and that music is distributed as a work right contracted by the music union AGVA? I can’t recall... Actor’s aren’t allowe in  and no where in the professional music world - no where - is iPad replacing the mass produced orchestral parts in a bway show or a ballet or in opera - it’s apart of the culture and the union will often stipulate that the music come prepared in a certain way and that way is never digital. 

    Also the only reason there would need to be 20 pages of changes to a show in technical preview is if it sucked and was flawed. That’s long past the time where Cast or Crew would be able to do anything with 20 new pages ... notes ? Sure. There almost always dictated by the director at the performance to the stage manager who then may Or may not use an iPad to distribute them but more than likely they get typed and put on a cork board with a highlight next to ur role or job with the note. They’re rarely even discussed it’s just expected to always be the new way the time... Or you get fired. iPad would him that process up. Stage managers are cranky and stress out folk... I cannot see a day where Tablet’s make headway into this works and supplant a digital master cue list... 

    Lastly19$ is nothing for a bway show. A bway show makes zero profit on average each week if it can’t clear a million a week. Period. Some easily do this - pretty woman had a very successful PreSale but now it’s hot garbage and they won’t need to worry about apps or iPads... if it doesn’t close and goes on tour perhaps this iPad story will start a trend. But it’s gonna close and lose a lot of money. 

    KinkyBoots has a gabillion cues and makes a fortune each week so maybe they’ve given iPads to the backstage folk. The Actor’s wouldn’t have free iPads for sure and the musicians would look down on it ...

    there are some professional piano accompanists that won’t freak out if you bring an iPad in to an audition in nyc but most would ask for sheet music or decline to play. Seen it happen. 

    Its cultural. Backstage lends itself to the dork universe - and I’m sure outside a pit musicians use iPads but more than 50% carry both to a gig in case something happens. iPads aren’t paper and paper doesn’t need charging. 
  • Apple offers 10 percent discount online to veterans & active duty US military

    macgui said:
    Interesting. There appears to be no supporting documents required to make a purchase, other than the declaration in the agreement. It opens the doors to misuse. Not that we should were the DD214 on our sleeves like service stripes... Of course, a 214, endorsed drivers license, or Active or Veteran's ID would be a little impractical for online use.

    But it's an appreciated gesture on Apple's part, and pays the CA sales tax. It's a deal for states with lower or no sales tax. Thanks, Apple.
    It should be 20%