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  • TikTok can collect users' biometric data according to its new privacy policy

    I have said this before, but I’ll say it again. The CCP has a reasonable dataset of Asian faces for their biometric tracking but not for any other race. So by enabling the collection of a massive dataset of these other nationalities means they will be able to more easily track foreign nationals within their borders. It also means that if they take over another country, they can quickly implement the same social tracking system to control the population.
  • Report finds AirTag enables 'inexpensive, effective stalking'

    There is another point that seems to be getting lost in the noise of this thread. This kind of monitoring is not the domain of stalkers only, perpetrators of domestic violence also use this type of coercive control. The added benefit for them, from what I can see is that the AirTag will never go into alert mode, as the tag comes home each night and never makes it to the three days away.

    I think the release of this product was probably a little premature, and more time needed to be put into the safety measures to stop this type of usage.
  • CalDigit's TS4 Thunderbolt 4 Dock offers 18 ports for your Mac

    Do you know how I can get the DAMN Ethernet working on my T3+??  UGH. That would be great... using backup Apple Dongle right now... but I need that for emergency not for 100% use all the time... would like to use the T3s!

    Thanks, this T4 doesn't have digital audio tho! :neutral: 
    Make sure you have the driver installed for the Ethernet from their website. Without it, it won’t work. I hope that helps.
  • Apple removes Siri team lead as part of AI strategy shift

    command_f said:
    I played with Alexa the other day on a friend's Sonos: I was impressed and amused. I have never been impressed by Siri. The actual speech parsing is good but the reaction to so many enquiries is just to display a web page on the display; this defeats the object in many cases. A rethink is overdue if Apple intends to compete in this area.
    Totally agree. It is one of the many reasons I hardly use Siri at all. It would be nice if there was some real functionality built into the assistant.
  • Facebook guidelines explicitly allow calls for death of public figures

    This news makes it very tempting to start calling for something to happen to the almighty Zuk. ;-)
  • Hands on: Whill model F motorized wheelchair with iPhone connectivity

    Thanks for posting this article. Like yourselves, I am also in a position of needing a wheelchair for mobility issues. A proper review of a chair, especially in this bracket is rare and very useful. Please post a follow up with how the accessories work for you, and any insights from further use.

    Looking forward to your next instalment.
  • Apple releases watchOS 7.3 with Unity watch face, wider ECG support

    What is the deal with no ECG function for Australia yet?

    Any chance AppleInsider would be able to chance an answer down on what the hold up is? Is it on Apple’s side or is it on the Australian government’s side?