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  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    Panasonic just released a 6K mirrorless camera. 
    Samsung just dropped an 8K TV. 
    The post-production means to deliver content to the consumer? 
    WHO doesn’t care about professionals???
  • 'ZombieLoad' vulnerability in Intel processors puts data in danger on Mac

    ARM processors on Macs in 5-4-...
  • Android 10 Q will include dark theme, iOS-style location controls, Focus Mode & more

    macxpress said:
    What exactly does this have to do with Apple? This isn't AndroidInsider...So what if Android competes with's still not AppleInsider material meaning, it's not Apple news. It's just technology news. So is this an Apple site, or a tech site?
    “Word of the update's features is critical to Apple. While Google has yet to set a release date for 10 Q, iOS 13 -- expected this fall -- may need to match Android to keep or expand marketshare. Some changes in iOS 13 are rumored to involve revamped Health, Reminders, Maps, and Messages apps.”

    Knowledge is power. 
    Situational awareness. 
    Know your enemies and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster (Sun Tzu). 

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  • Epic Games pulls pioneering 'Infinity Blade' trilogy from iOS App Store

    Is this the price of switching from Open GL to Metal 2?
  • Apple's Lisa Jackson explains successes, struggles of environmental initiatives

    razorpit said:
    razorpit said:
    razorpit said:
    razorpit said:
    razorpit said:
    Oh, I see — another Breitbart-educated commenter. Literally nobody in reality actually equates contemporary "progressive" political views with oppressive Communist/totalitarian regimes of the past. What utter ridiculousness.

    On another note, I find the idea that interest in environmental concerns are somehow a partisan issue that only "progressives" care about to be terribly depressing. Ever heard of any of these things:

    • National Environmental Policy Act
    • The Environmental Protection Agency
    • Clean Air Act Extension 
    • Marine Mammal Protection Act
    • Safe Drinking Water Act 
    • Endangered Species Act 

    These all happened under fucking Nixon of all Presidents.  Guess what's happening to all of them now?

    What’s your point? Overreaching progressive programs are bad no matter what president they were enacted under. Progressives couldn’t care less about the environment. All of these programs sound awesome but get ugly fast when you look past their name. 
    It's about control. Everyone is stone dead quiet about the two worst polluters on the planet, China and India. Yet everyone freaks out when the States removed themselves from that joke of a climate accord.
    "progressive programs are bad" "progressives couldn't care less about the environment" "everyone is stone dead quiet"

    Bullshit. Either you work in some industry that prefers we loosen protections against pollution and conserving biodiversity for your own personal gains, or you're just parroting the right-wing talking points being pedaled to further those ideas and divide the populace.

    There's plenty of quality, in-depth journalism about worldwide pollution concerns. People are most definitely talking about those two countries, however when it comes to the Paris Agreement, China, India, and the US are all signatories. The US can't withdraw until 2020, if it gives notice at its first opportunity on Nov 4 of this year, which seems to be the intent. And yeah, everyone freaked out because guess what, China and India are still in without us if we leave. Not to mention, people tend to concern themselves with their own nation's politics more than that of other nations, considering they have an influence in one and not the other. 

    To use a left-wing talking point I’m for dirty air and dirty water. Don’t tell anyone but I have a secret stash of the clean stuff hidden away from everyone else...  :D

    "Everyone is stone dead quiet about the two worst polluters on the planet, China and India."

    When you say, "everyone," could you expound on that?
    Kudos to you. You managed to bookmark the few articles calling them out. 

    When faced with reality, you obfuscate. When presented with details your rebuttal of them is, those are the only "few" that exist.
    I'm sorry you proved me right: if walks like a troll and squawks like a troll...
    I'll feed you no more.
    But I am glad to have joined Scooby and those meddling kids, now everyone knows you for what you are.
    And no, you wouldn't have gotten away with it.
    Oh no, someone doesn’t like it when their tactics are used against them... 

    Obfuscate? Other than your one link to the NYT how many normal people here in the States visit any of those sites? I don’t know one person who goes to Al Jazeera, India Today, or China Power for news. How many do you know?

    Instead we get the blather from MSNBC, CNN, and the other “mainstream” organizations that people actually pay attention to telling us how bad we are and avoid criticism of where a majority of the pollution is from.
    This exchange began with you talking about how progressives are. I shared a link to magat individual calling for the wholesale murder of liberals while proudly displaying a noose and you said- NOTHING.

    "Tricks?" I've used tricks? Point them out. Specify what I've said/typed/done that can remotely be construed as "tricks."

    You don't know anyone who goes to news sources other than those passively spoon-fed to them via the boob-tube? I believe you. I truly do. I believe that comports to your narrative of "normal people." Ironically, we're having this discourse Where? Where the normal people I know Actively pursue information/knowledge. Researching subjects to gather more depth than that provided in a 3 minute snippet is our norm. We don't take offense at learning we know less than we thought we did. We take that as an opportunity/invitation/motivation to seek greater understanding. As such, we make this a smaller, more connected world by going to sites based all over. As such, we PROGRESS from being strangers who don't care about our impact on one another, and become neighbors we haven't met, Yet.

    I give you the last 100 years of the death and destruction of progressives and you chose to ignore it. You try to provide some kind of strange balance by giving a link to some story about whacko that probably needs to be incarcerated. Take a look at what happened in Minneapolis last week. People can’t even leave a rally without being sucker punched, p*ssed on, on otherwise generally harassed. I know, I know, you’ll come up with some justification that they are nothing but white supremacists, yadda, yadda.

    Again I ask you do you think THE AVERAGE person is going to go get news from India Today or Al Jazeera? Don’t attempt to push on me that AVERAGE people have lives on don’t scrub AI and China Power for the latest in what’s going on. Go complain to CNN and MSNBC for not reporting on those stories.
    So I looked up the violence you spoke of in MN. Yeah. That was ugly. But he fact that you that THAT jars you, yet you don't speak of Charlottesville, James Fields Jr, or Heather Heyer, speaks volumes about you. Progressives want to live. White supremacists want to kill those who they don't like. I have no regard/respect for them.

    "I give you the last 100 years"
    WHAT last 100 years? Saying something happened in 100 years doesn't specify what you're speaking of! The last 100 years of progressives saw 12 year old children stop working in coal mines and factories. It saw people get Medicaid, voting rights and civil rights. THAT'S what you object to? Color me surprised.

    The average person should have access to the WORLD wide web. As such, India Today, Al Jazeera, AppleInsider, et al, SHOULD BE as common a commodity as anything else. Or do you want 'foreign stuff' pigeon-holed and the lives of 'others' kept separate, segregated, disparate, and uncared for? It would really make it easy to dehumanize 'others,' wouldn't it? The less you know, the less you care. 

    @Gatorguy, I hope you'll forgive me, but I really am glad AI has allowed this discourse to expose how much the world IS interconnected. And that topics of importance don't exist in silos.
    Progressives do not "want to live" they want everyone to conform to what their idea of life is. You don't conform you don't live.

    Again, I give you the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Germany, all progressive programs that killed millions of people.

    Having access and the time of day to scour through millions of websites is not something the AVERAGE person has time to do. That is why they rely on the major news organizations to correctly report on what is going on. You find something you are more interested in, then you go and research that. You have a family? Wife and kids?

    Allow me to condemn right here and now every illicit act of violence designed to hurt others on the basis of their color, beliefs, and anything else that I missed. You happy now? ($5 says you won't.)
    It is far more than disingenuous to attribute the actions of communist China, communist Cuba, Venezuela, Nazi Germany, or the USSR to progressivism. Those power grabs bear no resemblance to the works of FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, LBJ, Reuther, Evers, King, the suffragists, or other great Americans I fail to name. It is the work of someone who needs to spin and distort so that the world comports to small-minded, outdated mores of times that should no more come back than slavery.

    I can only hope I've read a million websites in my life. I'm glad I don't passively allow TV to shape my life, but actively live to the fullest, with my family, using resources such as the internet to provide info that I don't expect to get from 4/5 sources as they cater to MTV attention spans.

    $5 says I won't what? Condemn violence? I do. But I'm a reformed Marine, I've committed my share of violence on this planet.That being said, show me a nazi, klansman or 'proud boy' trying to make America "conform to what their idea of life is. You don't conform you don't live,"  and I'll hand you that fiver right before I do exactly what your tax dollars trained me to do- defend my country from all threats, foreign and ESPECIALLY domestic.