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  • Apple, others seek to obscure sensitive data in Google antitrust suit

    Of course Apple and others want to obscure sensitive data between the agreement between Apple and Google, because who do you think negotiated the agreement between Google and Apple for the 9.5 billion.   Does anyone here think that Google wanted to pay Apple 9.5 billion to be the default search on Apples platforms?   You would have to be an idiot to think anyone would want to pay that much to become the default on Apples platform. 

    Don't kid yourself, Apple was in full control, and knew that they had Google by the balls, so Apple could leverage their platform, and make Google pay 9.5 billion to be the default on Apples platforms, which doesn't look good for Apple.   Especially since Apple has antitrust cases as well.
  • Apple Arcade is well positioned to take a slice of booming gaming market, analyst says

    What kills me is Apple is the only one allowed to create an iOS app to promote and use their own gaming platform, called Apple Arcade.  Yet no one else is allowed to create an iOS app to run their gaming platforms.  Apple came out with some ludicrous rules and policies that purposely hinder and stop anyone from trying to compete on Apple's iOS platform.  No wonder why Apple has lots of litigation going against them.  Talk about a company being unfair, well that would be Apple to a tee.
  • Apple's VR headset: What to expect and what it will look like

    I have a bunch of VR/MR headsets today.  I think this tech is great, and a slim MR headset could kill off any smartphone/iPhone.  But it can do a lot more than that.  It has the potential to kill off smart watches, TV's, laptops, and more.   If an app is written correctly for a MR headset, then if a user looks at their wrist, they could see that date, time, and more information when they look at their wrist, even if they are not wearing a thing on their wrist.  That's the beauty of AR/VR/MR users can simulate things around them.

    Now if Apples first headset requires that users still have to use their iPhones, then its a fail, well at least until they introduce a standalone version of their headset.
  • Microsoft Xcloud game streaming service coming to iPhone, iPad via Safari very soon

    What kills me is it only took Apple to get to iOS 14.3 in order to support enough of the web app standards, so web apps wouble be able to run cloud game streaming platforms, like Microsofts's xCloud, Google Stadia, Nivida GeForce, or any other cloud game streaming platform.   Apple should have had better web app support, years ago.   Considering the web app standards were finalized back in 2014 (7 years ago).   What a joke.