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  • Hands on with Apple News+ -- Is it worth the monthly fee?

    felix01 said:
    After digging much deeper into what I was losing by giving up my existing WSJ subscription, I realized Apple’s News+ contains a WSJ chameleon which might satisfy the needs of a casual financial reader but won’t satisfy the requirements of someone who makes significant money in the markets.

    So I’ll be keeping my WSJ subscription and passing on News+ despite what I said yesterday.

    I'm really irritated that Apple tried to pull this sleight of hand trickery, acting like the full subscription was available except the archives. Not true, a deep dive will show WSJ is withholding a lot of data and analysis.
    Hi Felix - I did some exploring myself and I'm not sure if you are correct.  That said, I can't figure it out!!  Here's what I found: if you scroll down in the News+ tab and click on one of the featured WSJ articles, and THEN click on the "Wall Street Journal" banner on the top of that story, you are taken to (at least what appears to be) all of the WSJ content.  You get tabs for "Top Stories," "U.S," "World," "Business & Finance," "Opinion," and "Life & Arts," exactly as you would in the WSJ app and/or through the prior News app provided you entered your subscription information.  It appears to me that everything is there ... doesn't appear to be curated or limited in any way.  As a fellow WSJ reader, I'm curious to hear your feedback after following this path.  By the way, if THIS is the only path to take to the full WSJ content, my message to Apple would be ... COME ON, GUYS!  Utterly silly and counter-intuitive. 
  • Hands on with Apple News+ -- Is it worth the monthly fee?

    One criticism I have with the app so far is its lack of intuitive integration with Apple News.  It feels like News+ is just kinda jammed in as an extra tab.  It doesn't really have any interactivity with the regular News app ... meaning the curated content in News isn't populated with articles from any of the 300 magazines I now have access to.  And maybe that will change over time as I use it.  I'll tell you, though, it doesn't really feel like that will be the case.  News+ just kind of exists adjacent to News, which is disappointing because Apple News is otherwise fairly dynamic.