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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    i've ordered, was in the second round after an article posted elsewhere, still waiting.  

    been banned from the WayTools Forum because they apparently didn't like my comments, none of which (to my mind) seemed out of line.  i've asked for some detail as to why they've banned me, no response.

    i got unbanned (which shows that it does happen), made one post, which again they didn't like because it was critical, and again got banned.  when i asked why, no response (and i continue to ask why).  let it be known that my criticism came on the section of the forum that was entitled "rants".  apparently one can't rant in the rants area.

    WT has been known to refund people without them asking for a refund, in what appears to be either a power play or because they fear the ramifications of not refunding the money, i hope it's the latter.  but they make people who don't want the refund, reorder the keyboard in what seems to be somewhat demeaning manner.  posting on the forum things like, if you want to reorder put another order in by the end of the week, or things of that nature.  (by the way, WT if you are reading this I don't want a refund).  and yes it got to the point where people who were being critical of the company would post things like i just did to make sure they weren't refunded.

    if a company lives and dies by how they treat their customer base -- i'm not sure how it's going to go for them.  i know i don't think i've been treated fairly, and there are many out there who think the same as i do.  do i still desire to be more portable, yes.  do i think the TB will fill that need, yes.  because all i needed was a very small portable keyboard.  will i use the product when/if it comes, yes.  will it be the revolutionary keyboard of the future, maybe.  will i give a big thumbs up to the company that produced it, nope.
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Biblical verse, even.  And those Star Wars parodies.  The guy can write. 

    Arkorott - per our earlier reply to you, we’ll post news of several exciting advances on our forum. We hope you like it.

    Here, if we post “blue skies are beautiful”, rabid comments will follow.

    With every word twisted to spin and thwart, no meaningful conversation flows. By design.

    So we’ll let them talk to each other, or themselves, as they please. 

    And we’ll focus on advancing the good news of our progress.

    just so i'm not putting words into your mouth, i read that as you want control over the narrative.