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  • Review: Kanex iAdapt 7-in-1 Multiport USB-C Hub blends seamlessly into your workflow

    Dave Kap said:
    HDMI port facing down and can cause damage to USB ports and you gave it 4.5? That’s like the rating you gave the earbuds that can cause extreme pain ☠️
    Circumstantial in both.

    In both reviews, I cited that these aren't common problems. Not everyone who uses the Flye Sport Rush earbuds is going to have the same pain that a couple of people who tried them felt. Ears, like most things on a humans body, vary wildly from person to person. If your concha is particularly close to your ear canal opening, or if your tragus is situated further forward than average, then sure, it'll probably hurt when you wear them. Your ear is going to experience constant pressure and after a while that translates to pain. If you've got more space, chances are you'll like the earbuds. Again, I cited that in my review, saying that people with small ears would be best served elsewhere.

    It's worth noting that I can't wear Apple EarPods or AirPods without extreme pain either, but almost everyone else I know seems to love them. 

    Like the earbuds, I don't think every person is putting their MacBook in a Twelvesouth BookArc, which is a vertical MacBook stand. By using it, the HDMI cable is directed down. Otherwise, as you can see from the picture, the HDMI cable is directed outward from the back. My criticism there is that because the HDMI port isn't on the side with the rest of the ports, you may want to be mindful.

    I'm all about giving people observations that could prevent them from buying something that doesn't work for their situation.

    If you go to a bakery and you see a sign that points out that their award winning walnut brownies are unsafe for people with tree nut allergies, I don't think that it means that the walnut brownies are inherently worse because they don't work for a certain type of person.
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  • PenPad Review: The perfect accessory for iPad artists who use Procreate

    One O/T question. What is the keyboard case shown in the first picture. I have an iPad Pro on the way and am weighing the various options.

    That's actually an Apple Magic Keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pro (or the iPad Air 4). Honestly, the thing is one of the biggest improvements to my mobile workflow. It has a USB-C port in it that can charge your iPad while you're using it, and then, should you want to pull it off the keyboard, it's magnetic so it just pops right off. It's extremely handy if you're someone who swaps back and forth between needing a keyboard and needing to use your iPad in a more handheld way, I think that it's one of the best options. Being able to just swap from one mode to the other on the fly is awesome.