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  • Apple's Lisa Jackson says a green economy is better for the planet and business

    I went out since it’s Earth day and ran through a tankful of gas in our V-10 gas powered F-350. It was a great feeling to be able to do that just because I wanted too. Maybe if I was lucky I got 330 miles out of that but hey it beats sitting around doing nothing.  
  • Bill Gates was ousted from Microsoft board over staff relationship

    Bill’a legacy is going down the crapper quick
    mac daddy zeesconosciutollamaiHy
  • Apple shuts down Epic Games developer account

    I wonder what Epic is thinking...
    I get they are frustrated with the 30% “Apple Tax” but their actions make no sense.

    so can I ask do you also call google play store a “google tax” since they charge the same 30% as Apple?

  • New 14-inch and 16-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pro, redesigned Mac mini in pipeline

    The average time between Mini updates is well over a year. Consider that.
    Consider this: Apple is no longer dependent upon Intel for their chips so maybe things will get to where new models yearly appear?
  • Tile CEO 'welcomes' AirTag competition from Apple's 'runaway monopoly train'

    New trolls on arrival it appears, ffs. Go fuck off!

    First post, a negative one, did I take a wrong turn and end up back at MacRumors?
    So it would seem. Already seen the haters in MacRumors about the replaceable battery and how some company pulled AirTags off the shelf in Australia I believe because: omg think of the children and how they will all die swallowing replaceable batteries. If Apple doesn’t offer replacement batteries in their AirPods they are out to destroy mother earth and no other earbud maker does, at least not samsung bose and jabra and those companies you never hear accusations on how they are destroying the planet. 
    Then Apple comes out with replaceable batteries in their AirTags and here is all of the drama about how Apple is killing children. OMG think of the children. 
  • Original HomePod now sold out at online and in Apple Stores nationwide

    Kuyangkoh said:
    Sad really….i uses mine for dolby atmos and spatial audio and boy it really rocks. Not surprised why it was sold out quick
    Yes it really is sad. Apple could have done so much better by perhaps including Bluetooth and perhaps a 3.5mm jack. Those are some of the complaints I have seen online. I bought 2 HomePod after they were discontinued. Too bad Apple didn’t market them as much more than a run of the mill smart speaker. Although I have seen Apple do this in the past come out with something I thought was good and they left it on the vine to wither and die. I know the talk is now a video speaker. Why? I can FaceTime or Facebook/messenger anyone I want with my iPhone or iPad. I think that would be a less of a seller than HomePod but I’ll admit I am just Average Joe Consumer. That’s why the ladies and gents there make more in a couple of years there than I would probably my whole working career. That’s ok. They do come out with a lot of hits and a few misses.