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  • EU to propose common charger for all smartphones, ignores Apple's protest

    Although some of the EU policies are really dumb, the majority are actually smart; this one would be a smart one.
    There are, for instance, numerous municipalities that have (solar powered) public phone chargers (in parks, inside public institutions, in busy areas); in order for them to be effective, they need to have both USB and lightning cables - a single standard would mean a single cable per charger or half the cost for a service provided to EU citizens.
    I don't know about you, but I tend to like when I get more for less.
  • Apple considers dropping face mask mandate for Apple Store staff

    crowley said:
    LeoMC said:
    LeoMC said:
    LeoMC said:
    Without masks, there will be no store policy to physically distance. 'If' I go into a store, I will wear a mask and treat those without masks like I do people with bad breath by politely backing away from them. No doubt some will be offended but my health is more important than their feelings.
    Maybe you should consider a Hazmat suit...

    No, a mask, especially a good one, is fine.
    I'm sure it is, but a Hazmat suit would be safer - don't you wanna be safe?

    my point.
    You have no point, dude; there are plenty of studies that show masks are pretty much useless and none that show they have any effect on containing the spread of viruses (have you heard about Sweden? that country was hardly affected by sars-cov-2 even though practically nobody wore a face covering).
    Have you heard about Sweden?

    I know Sweden like the back of my hand.
    Sweden had one of the best strategies in the WORLD: since feb 2021 its mortality has fallen to its regular values and remained there. They manage to do that with no masks, no mandates (prof of vaccination), no mandatory measures with school opened, with shops, restaurants, parks opened, with freedom of speech and movement unaltered.
  • App tracking alert in iOS 13 has dramatically cut location data flow to ad industry

    Next step is access to a contact and pictures “folder” - not all contacts and all pictures.
  • Apple considers dropping face mask mandate for Apple Store staff

    lonestar1 said:
    LeoMC said:
    I know Sweden like the back of my hand.
    That may be true, but what you “know” about Sweden does not accord with reality. 

    “Sweden currently has the highest per-capita death of any European country, making it difficult to imagine their policies will be remembered as anything short of disastrous.”

    As Will Roger’s said, it’s not what you don’t know that hurts you, it’s all the things you do know that ain’t so.

    You want the “right” to do whatever you like, regardless of how much damage you do to other people. So, do I have to punch you in the nose? To break your leg? To dump garbage on your property? To put poison into your water supply? 

    I remember when Covid deniers used to say, “We don’t object to voluntary measures. We’re just against government mandates.” Now, we see that isn’t true, You aren’t just against government mandates. You’re against companies voluntarily doing anything to protect their customers and employees. 

    But at the same time, if you get sick, you’ll suddenly want the doctors who you scoffed at and ignored to do everything they can to save your life and restore you to health. In Texas, Governor Abbott told hospitals to stop performing “unnecessary procedures” to preserve scarce resources for Covid patients — primarily vaccine deniers. That affected cataract removal, cancer surgeries, and children awaiting reconstructive surgery, among others. They were told to go to the back of the line, because Abbott’s core constituency, with its self-inflicted condition was more important. Hypocrites like you never protested *that* mandate. You didn’t care about *their* medical freedom. All that matters is you, and if anyone else is damaged by your actions, so what, it’s their own fault for getting in your way.  
    Chicago_whatever is simply wrong; Sweden is on 30th place (out of 48 polities) în Europe when it comes to deaths per capita for people who died WITH sars-cov-2 infection.
    Yes, anyone has the right to do whatever one wants just like you or society have the right to punish one, if one violates your/its rights; you are free to punch me in the nose as long as you don't break my nose or provoke a civil damage (damage my image, you scare me etc); you are free to put whatever poison you want in whatever water supply, as long as that poison doesn't affect me and my health in any way (for instance, I believe that lemon is poison - but as long as it does me no harm, there's ok to give me a glass of water with lemon in it); should I go on or you understand the difference between doing something and provoking something?

    I do not object if someone wants to wear a mask, or tights, or one wants to pierce ones nipples, or wants to put a dildo up ones bottom, but I have a problem when the same one wants me to put a dildo up my bottom; again, see the difference?

    I am ok with not getting free treatment (along with paying less money to medicare and buy an optional insurance or take my chances), if I get covid while unvaccinated as long as you are ok with not being treated, if you don't run 30 min every day.
    I don't know about Texas, but in some European countries the percentage of vaccinated people that needed hospitalised treatment (mainly against covid) was higher than the percentage of unvaccinated people (before omicron, in UK there were 2 hospitalised vaccinated individuals for every unvaccinated one).
  • Apple lifts mask mandate for corporate employees

    @mpantone ;
    in California, no mask mandates were legislated
    Masks are no longer required indoors in California” this is a quote from ca dot gov.

    you'll find Dr. Bob Wachter,
    I don't give a rat's a$$ what some dude is saying about masks, I only care about evidence and evidences about efficacy are not there.

    As for comparing ... that's pretty ludicrous based on a large number of factors
    Oh, but comparing America or Europe with Asia is ok... I see; is it because in America, Europe and Asia we all have the same race, the same sex, the same age and we all live in identical societies?
    Let's compare the real death toll (deaths due to Covid) which is, according to a study in GB, no more than 10% of what's been reported, or 6% in US (the rest being due to measures - like masking - taken by administrations or silly people).
    Let me give you an example of country that never had a mask mandate and practically nobody there ever wore a mask: Sweden - it's reported death rate is almost half of that in US (

    I doubt anyone sane expected people to be wearing masks forever
    You're saying you're not sane? I ask that, because I've seen you advocating Asians results and you should know that (some) Asians are wearing masks all the time since... forever.

    Apple -- like Santa Clara County -- has been on the very cautious side
    Apple, like anybody else (almost - Tesla is an exception), has been acting stupid and I'm glad to see them coming to their senses (I just hope they will fight back on any other attempt to institute such a useless obligation in the future).