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  • Elon Musk orders Twitter to charge $20/month for verification

    I'm so glad to see so many AI users having better business ideas that the richest man in the world...
    BTW, how are your twitters doing?

    I have always admired Louis Vuitton for making their dumb shoppers pay a huge load of money for a LV "blue" badge; why would twitter's blue badge be any different?
  • Apple considers micro lens technology to make iPhone 16 screens brighter

    And why would that be a problem?
    If you ask me, the viewing angles should be no more than a few degrees, because it's me who needs to see the display not the one standing next to or in front of me...
  • Meta lashes out about Apple's new charge for social media boosts

    Money to boost posts is money out of nothing so why would Meta have a problem sharing the revenue with the platform that offers acces to clients that are willing to pay for that "nothing"?
    I know that 100% is better than 70% but I also know that 70% is better than 0%.
  • Apple Vision Pro storage and AppleCare prices revealed

    danox said:
    music (20,000 songs)
    For the money needed to buy those songs one can get 300 years worth of Apple Music and have access to unlimited music (100 milion according to Apple), including access to all new releases.
  • Spotify head wants UK to show leadership and stop Apple's App Store dominance

    How about forcing Google to integrate my search algorithm in its search engine as an option; or maybe force Microsoft to integrate my writing processor in its Office suite; how about forcing Amazon to [also] use my servers as cloud hosting and last but not least, how about forcing Spotify to push my ads to their customers?
    This is getting ridiculous; Apple ecosystem and products are not mandatory, are not essential to human social, political and personal activities (everyone can very much use a Nokia 3310 phone to communicate and a laptop with Linux to access banking apps, government sites, electronically sign documents, read the news, watch TV or a Samsung, Motorola, Huawei etc device) and Apple only has a small portion of the total market.
    Just make something better and I am the first to use it (because why not use something better?)
  • Even Foxconn says it's looking to move away from China

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    How can Foxconn do that without Xi Jinping’s and the CCP’s permission?
    Because Foxconn is a Taiwanese company. AI screwed up. 
    Last I checked, Taiwan was a province in China, so every single Taiwanese company is also Chinese.
    Just like Apple is both a Californian and a US company.
    Not true. Do you get it from ChatGPT? The fact is due to a civil war, Taiwan was separated from mainland China since 1949. Independently governed. 
    I'll let your rudeness slide this time.
    Taiwan was never separated from China, it was just a place where the losing party was allowed to settle, having some autonomy but inside the Chinese state.
    Do not argue with an idiot as you will never win. -As a clever man one said.

    Not all have the capability to undestand fact and have studied history with more than a ChatGPT search. 

    Taiwan have democracy and China is a totalitarian state ruled by the CCP with the almighty Xi "The Poo Bear" holding on to the power.  

    Fun thing the Chinese actually believe that Taiwan is the biggest island in China. -fascinating how well indoctrination and censorship works.

    What is that "ChatGPT" I heard some trolls talking about?
    Taiwan used to be one of the dictatorships of the world (its first president served 5 terms, the country was ruled by martial law for ~40 years, the first popular vote was held in 1988); looking at its political system today, we can say it is a democracy, but it's far from being a working democracy.
    China has elections - their president is elected by electors (does that ring any bell?). What makes you think your system is better than China's system for the Chinese people? "Democracy" is the power of the people and it's just as democratically for the people to give the powers to a group of people called party as to give the power to a group of people called parliament.
    US and every single country on earth recognise Taiwan as a part of China, UN in its treaties recognises Taiwan as a province of China so what exactly are you talking about?!

    PS: only illiterate people use CCP to designate the Communist Party of China (CPC).
    On paper China looks democratic; in practice it’s not.

    Twenty years ago I was hopeful that China would lead the world forward with a better approach to democracy. The world needs such a thing, as many existing democracies have structural problems and are being subverted. Unfortunately, Xi went in the opposite direction. 

    Now we must look elsewhere for innovations in democracy. 
    Democracies work only in societies with smart people and, looking at how intelligent are some of US officials actions, I highly doubt US is a functioning democracy; so what you have said about China is also true for US.
    Why would the "world" care that China is a (western) democracy? The Middle East would hate that, so would Africa and a lot of Asian states; why would you think 700 mil people should have the right to tell 3-4 billion how to govern themselves?! I have never heard of China attacking either US or Europe, so why would anyone meddle with how Chinese people choose to rule their society?
    I would never be comfortable in a country where the freedom of speach (which I consider at least just as important as the right to live) is tempered with, but I will never try to impose my principles to anyone else; I will live by them, I can teach them, explain why they are better (and what are their flaws), but I will never try to impose them.
    So, as long as the world agrees that Taiwan is a province of China, the only thing to say is that every single Taiwan based company is a Chinese company.