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  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    Out of the 300 people I know who use iPhones i know exactly ZERO who actually use SIRI.
  • iMac Pro cost blows away similar Lenovo workstation, DIY builders struggle to meet price w...

    Just make the ram user upgradable and most of the negative comments will go away.  
    I sincerely hope Apple is listening and doing this.
  • Apple announcement of North Carolina campus 'imminent,' report says

    nunzy said:
    Apple will get lots of tax breaks. That is the nature of giant corporate entities. We all pay more taxes so that apple or other giant corporations build near us and so maximize their profits.

     if we don't give tax money to these kinds of giant corporations, they will leave the United States. We can already see that because Apple keeps most of its cash in other countries. the United States needs to give more to Apple to keep it here.
    Is this sarcasm?  I sure hope so.
  • President Trump mentions Apple's pending US investment in State of the Union address

    Of course he does.  He needs to take credit for anything to stoke his ego, even though all of this money was already earmarked to be spent on regular employees, etc in the first place. 

    Where are the ACTUAL jobs?  From what I've read Apple will now spend HALF of what it did last year on taxes, which is already a joke.

    I love Apple products but give me a break.
  • Apple has long-term plan, is working on products 'way out in the 2020s'

    I get what he's saying but hate that he feels the need to virtue signal to socialists in society by saying Apple isn't in it for the money. Apple only could have flourished in a pro-business country without the government dictating all its choices. They should be proud of their products and profits because they can bring us NEW wonderful products, employing 100's of thousands of people with good wages and support 100's of thousands of people & businesses who are effected by their ecosystem.
    What a strange comment.

    Firstly many of the companies Apple employs overseas are known for having terrible work conditions with low pay.
    2nd, without all the safety nets, military support, tax breaks, etc Apple probably would not be where they are.
    They, along with all multi-billion dollar American businesses have a huge advantage from our Middle class funded support and bought and paid for government.

    I do agree with you they are definitely in it for the money, which is fine, but not at the expense of people's lives or destruction of the planet. 

    AirunJae[Deleted User]argonaut
  • iPhone could be hit by incoming $500B U.S. tariff threat on Chinese imports

    Pres. Trump previously assured Cook that Apple would not be part of any tariffs. And the Chinese government would be fools to retaliate using Apple as an example. Apple employs tens of thousands of Chinese workers there.
    Why should Apple be exclusively spared when others aren't?
  • Multinational tech giants like Apple often 'pay taxes nowhere,' says German minister

    designr said:

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has famously insisted that "We pay all of the taxes we owe,"...
    Yep. And that's all I pay too. It's all anyone should pay. This political blathering is just whining about companies and people using the laws as they are currently written to their fullest advantage to keep the money they've earned. Nothing wrong with that. Don't like it? Change the laws. Jurisdictional arbitrage happening? Well, I guess that's life unless we want some kind of one world government (at least for taxation) and eliminate independent nations.
    Which is why the laws need to be changed, or these massive corps should face massive fines, not slaps on the wrists and the CEOs get actual jail time.  Enough its enough.
  • Bernie Sanders says government should examine Apple, Google, Facebook breakup

    hodar said:
    Never allow a person, who hasn't ever built anything; tell you he can run everything.
    Dumb comment.  Bernie has built quite a following and been serving in the gov't for decades fighting the good fight for all Americans, unlike 95% of the gov't on both sides of the aisle who are all bought and paid for.  As the longest running independent we should all unite behind him.
  • Study claims Apple avoided paying $65.08B in US taxes in 2015 through offshore arrangements

    Found elsewhere but informative

  • Inside macOS Sierra: Siri on the desktop

    Siri is useless, it doesn't understand simple tasks. I just tested it trying to send an email to myself and it failed to recognise or understand what I was saying in order to complete the request, Google's voice recognition system is miles ahead. Apple need to get of their lazy arse and get on with it as this is becoming a major component of tech.
    I agree. I know it has some uses but it is silly how useless it is in most circumstances.  It needs to be majorly overhauled to be useful in every day life.