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  • GoPro Hero 10 action cam unveiled with 5.3K video, 23MP stills

    cpenzone said:
    Can anyone's internet connection even handle that quality of video?
    I’d guess that it’s compressed enough that it’ll be fine for most connections. 
  • Apple unveils new iPad mini with updated design, 5G

    Eric_WVGG said:
    elijahg said:
    At $499 vs $329 for the bigger iPad, I don't really see what the point of this is, aside from some barely noticeable CPU speed bumps vs the bigger one. Since you probably own an iPhone anyway, you could just get an iPhone 12/13 Plus for $200 more when you next upgrade, saving ~$200 (or $350 if you need cellular), have just one device rather than two, and you're not that far off iPad mini display size. The only major disadvantage is no pencil on iPhone.
    Right, but then I'd have to carry around a huge iPhone, and that huge iPhone would be too small to be a good iPad. What you're suggesting makes 0 (zero) sense.
    Totally agree. I've used the original iPad mini for years and looking to replace it now with the new one. I'm using it mostly for lecture notes while teaching and don't want to carry around a larger iPad to school and back (I'll also use it for fitness+ and have used it for entertainment while travelling). I see it as totally different than my iPhone: I really have no interest in the iPhone Max as it's way to big for my daily use.
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  • Facebook urged to abandon pre-teen Instagram plan by 44 states

    chadbag said:
    No matter what Facebook does, parents should know and control what young kids do online.   Facebook can build it but if parents have half a brain, no one will come. 
    My wife is working on a Phd in developmental psychology and has given presentations/lectures to parents about social media. It is always shocking to us how many parents are surprised and confused when the answers to many of their questions are "talk to your kids about it". Even if parents aren't in control of their children's online access, simply talking to the kids about risks and behaviours online will do wonders.
  • iPhone 13 Pro not a perfect fit with MagSafe Duo, but charging is unaffected

    drdavid said:
    Hate is a strong word. I hate that damn video you insist must intrude on every article. And the persons face that is always there is taking a fair bit of my frustration also. 
    Whole heartedly second this comment. Every time those videos pop up I like that person less and less. He's probably a great guy, but autoplay and popping up over the browser is a bad decision friend.