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  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    i dont think the extra ports alone explains the extent of the size and weight increase. At this size i would expect a DVD drive in it. It's more of a portable desktop than a laptop and the design with curved bottom is horrible. Whilst iphones and ipads have gone square edged, Is not what I expected at all.
    I won't be buying one, have to hope the Air does not go down the same route. Oh, and yes would love to see a touchscreen, my sons 2-1 Chromebook combo is a brilliant example of a touchscreen laptop and it's completely natural to him, as a Gen A, who expects all screens to be touchscreen (including the TV :-). 
  • Apple fails bid to shut down refiled Cydia antitrust lawsuit

    Ironic that Fred wasn't whining, but Sflocal was whining about his post. Of course, Apple would have taken learnings from Cydia. For sure Apple would have done everything to shut down Cydia. Well said Fred
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  • Engineer details how he created the world's first USB-C iPhone

    sflocal said:
    So he knows electronics.  Honestly, who outside of that tech-nerd-circle really cares? No one.
    What I nieve comment. Peeps like this in tech-nerd-circles are what engineer and build your Apple devices. Let me guess, you made the comment because it wasn't an official Apple announcement, it opposes Apple's position on this, however, you would suddenly rejoice if it was announced the iPhone 14/15 supported it, or this chap became a product engineer at Apple :wink: 

    To answer your question, I do care, and I am not in this tech-nerd-circle.

    An amazing achievement that I would like my iPhone to have, not least because I could then hopefully connect to USB-C devices such as storage and monitors etc. 
  • Apple says there's no single 'silver bullet' behind crash detection

    * apply location - am i located on a road at time of high G force. 
    * use ML to look at historical data based on location of false positives etc. Am I in a location of high false positives. 
  • Apple releases macOS Big Sur with redesign, Safari updates and more

    i still cant download, is everyone else having same issue?

  • Compared: New M2 MacBook Air vs M1 MacBook Air

    no comments on the SSD being half the performance of the M1, that midnight blue is supposedly a fingerprint magnet. I was looking forward to upgrading from my M1, but put off by the SSD performance, and once you add the cost for 16Gb and plus 512Gb (only to keep SSD performance ok) it's an expensive buy.