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  • Apple's private Wi-Fi MAC addresses were security theater until iOS 17.1

    dewme said:
    The term “security theatre” is kind of hip and making a comeback of late, but it’s debatable whether Apple truly intended to promote this feature as a security benefit to the public at large when they knew very well from the start that it had little to no real value and was simply performance art.

    It’s equally probable and I believe even more likely that this is simply a case of a pathetic level of security software implementation. The reason I say this is because the vast majority of Apple’s customers know little to nothing about this feature-fail and have no idea what a MAC address is, well, other than to think that a MAC address corresponds to the location of their closest McDonald’s restaurant. Plus, nobody was ever asked to remove their shoes. 

    Security theatre is when someone makes a big deal out of something which proves to be ineffective, this is a classic example.

    Apple told us it’s safer to have it enabled, turns out a miscreant could get the actual Mac by probing a port on the device.

    I’m a network engineer, have been for 23 years, when the manual says something specific you need to be able to trust it. Apple would have known about this “feature” I’m sure others that needed to know knew about this feature too.

    the truth is you can’t trust anyone.

    if available, it’s time to install a 3rd party firewall on your devices. 

    Reason is Apple have proven to be deliberately dishonest and misleading about their products capabilities and features. 
  • Ingenious hack powers M1 Mac mini with Ethernet cable

    Poe can go to 99w so shouldn’t be an issue for an m2
    appleinsideruserforgot usernameFileMakerFeller
  • Epic sci-fi saga 'Foundation' will return to Apple TV+ for a third season

    I was really looking forward to foundation, I loved the 1st series but 2nd was a bit too out there and too much fantasy in place of science fiction. 

    I stopped watching on the day about half way through and didn’t finish watching the rest till after all had been aired. 

    Really excited about slow horses now though. 
  • Surveillance firm says Apple is 'phenomenal' for law enforcement

    The people who’s info is accessed should be told who accessed it, when, for what reason & under what authority. If doesn’t have to be real time, maybe a 90 day delay between access and notification. 

    I think people will be much more mindful what they publish once they know they’ve been snooped on. 
  • Lion Prowler Energy Power Bank review: Not an ordinary power source

    There are lighter more powerful charges on Amazon for far less.

    You can buy 2 x 10kmah chargers that support fast charging and more usb-c ports for less than this model.

    The rating is far too generous. 300 charges is also not very many. 

    I have a 20kmah model, can be charged over 1000 times peak output is 22w and paid ~£20

    It also includes a torch but no wireless charging

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max versus iPhone 12 Pro Max -- Specs and features, compared

    Not seeing enough differentiation to go from a 12 to a 15.

    my biggest draws are the 5x zoom camera, location gen 2, 5G and iOS 17. I’m coming from an x.

    the 12 is looking like it was a good investment for those who have it. 

  • HomePod mini & HomePod vs Sonos Era 100 & 300 -- Compared

    Would 2 minis be equivalent to a full HomePod?