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  • Apple continues to make it clear that it will collect its share of iOS app purchases

    i’m always amazed by the fact that there are people out there who think that anybody was going to get around apple’a 30%. 

    Nobody complains when Best Buy adds a 50% markup from the wholesale price on software they carry in their stores so it’s weird when people acts like the an app store is out of line. 

    the App Store is a retail store just like Best Buy and as such Apple buys each copy sold at a wholesale price (70% of MSRP or more accurately Developer Determined Retail Price).  Once Apple has bought that copy at the agreed upon price they can do what they want with it so long as it doesn’t exceed the DDRP.  That’s how apple can put items on sale or give them away as a promotional item. 

    App stores also have many key advantages over traditional retail because an app isn’t purchased until it’s sold… so there’s no such thing as unsold inventory and prices can be adjusted up or down at any point (in close to real-time) by the developer if they want. 

    there used to be so many risks associated with making physical copies of games and other software (over production. shipping, storage, theft, etc) and because almost all the physical costs of software are gone we, as consumers, now get our apps at fantastic prices and instantly. and the developer makes more money per copy sold since the eta get 70% of retail now rather than the 50% they used to get. 

    seems weird that people complain about the 30% that everybody charges. it’s a great deal no matter how you look at it ESPECIALLY if you take history into consideration. 
  • Tesla wants Apple's help to beat Autopilot death lawsuit

    feels like this guy should have gotten a darwin award considering he reported this autopilot behavior as being dangerous yet continued to use autopilot on the same stretch of road with autopilot active. 

    999 times out of 1000 i’ll probably side with whoever is accusing tesla of something bad, but this is that 1/1000 for me.  dude literally knew better than to trust autopilot there and got yeeted into a wall at 71mph for it. 
  • Scott Forstall told Pandora to jailbreak early iPhones to get a head start on development

    As I've been saying for months, to people who "want to run anything," Apple doesn't care if you jailbreak your iPhones. This is proof.
    um, no... this was 2007 and it's ONE *ex* VP who was such a raging narcissist that he wouldn't acknowledge that he fucked up Maps and got himself fired as a result.  He was also the dillhole who was behind the "skeuomorphic" elements of the iOS interface... elements that THANKFULLY got ditched when Jony Ive was given the job of revisualizing iOS...  Tim Cook firing this clown-shoe was the best thing that could have happened to Apple.  Forstall was Jobs' pet and as long as he was there there was going to be a power struggle between the guy who *thought* he should be running Apple and the guy who actually was...  the quote in the article that says "while we get our act together at Apple " says it all... he was in it for himself.
  • External drive support in macOS Sonoma is partially broken, and it's probably Apple's faul...

    funny thing is that i had a similar issue under sonoma where i couldn’t mount an external cd drive. the system was throwing up a dialog asking permission to use the device but it was only onscreen for a blink so i couldn’t approve. to ge it to work i had to turn off that security feature 

    maybe it’s something similar. maybe it’s not.