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  • Proposed antitrust bills would ban Apple from preinstalling its own iOS apps

    sflocal said:
    rcfa said:
    What needs to end is either the walled garden or the AppStore monopoly, it should also be possible to delete Apple’s apps to free up storage, not just hide them.

    It should also be possible for the user to let apps access hardware info, but it should require user consent and be tied to apps with strict privacy policies.

    In other words the restrictions on what sort of apps users may run on their own hardware need to go; but not Apple’s ability to provide an integrated solution.
    That you want the iPhone to work just like an Android phone is wrong on every level.  You want that functionality?  Go the the COMPETITION.  Apple's business model is why it's so popular and has such brand loyalty.

    Android is where you want to be at, with the countless garbage phones to fill your needs along with a multitude of malware-infested apps to your heart's content.

    I'll even hold the door open for you on your way out.
    I'm more a macOS user (plus 1 iPad) and have had Android phones for quite awhile. Never had a problem with Malware. Most apps are excellent and many to choose from. At best your information is dated and at worst just propaganda you've been led to believe.
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  • Proposed antitrust bills would ban Apple from preinstalling its own iOS apps

    lkrupp said:
    So politicians would basically force Apple and Google to sell non functioning devices to the public?
    Hopefully, yes and no. On either platform (for example) you get "their" Calendar app and it is difficult, if not impossible to remove it.  What if it is a business phone/iPad and that business uses Outlook?  Why can't I uninstall the Calendar app?

    Repeat for similar apps that are forced-installed-always.
  • M1 MacBook owners complain about easily cracked screens

    sbdude said:
    Let’s see, 50 people piling into an Apple Forum thread commiserating over the same issue. That must equal, what, thousands of defects? Millions even!!

    Sound like 50 people commiserating over their own stupidity. Too bad the attorney(s) trolling those forums only see opportunity.

    "Thousands of defects? Millions even!" -- that is the hyperbole they'll use with their goal to get as meany people to believe the product is defective and not to buy it. Their MO is based on Apple hate and/or looking for 15 minutes of YouTube fame.
    A quick search AI  and other similar sites will show you that a vast number of Apple products are breaking, burning, bent and brazenly bad! It is the M.O. of these people. Get enough then maybe a lawyer/class action suit can be ginned up. These are very rarely won but their main goal is still usually achieved--15 minutes of fame.

    It never tangibly effects sales of Apple, Apple isn't ever tangibly hurt at all. But it tangibly effects and harms us consumers. All companies (not limited to Apple) are in bunker mentality from these scams coming from all sides. Companies would be paying out on virtually every product if they didn't fight these scammers. So in the end the scammers get their 15 minutes of fame, the company isn't hurt, we consumers get the short end of the stick if a real issue ever does arise. 
    I remember this place back with all the butterfly keyboards and you could almost copy/paste the comments back then from the same group who run to the defense of Apple every time.  History has shown time again, sooner or later, Apple will have a repair program for "a small number of affected devices" - and we all know it isn't a small number by then.
  • Apple's Self Repair Program toolkit - Hands on with what's inside

    macxpress said:
    lkrupp said:
    slurpy said:
    Still cannot believe Apple did this. Pretty massive endeavour. And of course not a single positive word uttered by the right to repair hypocrites and trolls. Just more criticism and complaining.  
    When you understand that the right-to-repair advocates won’t be satisfied with anything less than a complete redesign of the iPhone you know why they are still upset. They literally want snap-apart enclosures with gaskets instead of adhesives, standard Phillips screws, snap-in batteries, third party parts, no special tools required. Go to some of the right-to-repair websites and you’ll see what they want. 

    On an anecdotal note I wanted to replace the light bulb in my microwave oven some years ago. When taking apart the enclosure I discovered one of the screws was a non-standard pentium head. It became clear the manufacturer didn’t want the user anywhere near the magnetron tube. There were warnings all over that there were no user serviceable parts inside. 
    This is exactly what these people want. They want Apple to design all Apple products as completely modular with everything imaginable replaceable. They will fight everything possible until they get this. I just don't get these people TBH. 
    No, they want Apple to not do asinine things like go out of their way to serialize parts so you can't even swap like for like items from two identical OEM devices. I'll wait for the "oh the security, think of this children!" trope.  These folks are more than capable of very complex repairs, much more than board swaps, they do component level repairs.  But to some here, unless they wear a shirt with an Apple logo, they aren't good enough.