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  • Apple attorneys threaten UK market exit if court orders 'unacceptable' patent fees

    Apple would not be the first to leave the UK.   Many international financial institutions have already beat them to it and headed across the channel.

    The UK intended itself to become more business friendly by leaving the EU.   But it appears they are becoming less so.
    Oh Dear George!!,

    Let me remind you that. Its a US CORP suing another US CORP in UK courts as they did in Texas! So no need for all the UK bashing :) Please ask apple why they chose to infringe in the first place? How many times have apple sued samsung and the reverse? This stuff is happening all the time in the tech world. Intel have had to pay just about everyone for their shady behaviour. Nothing to do with the 'Limeys.' who by the way pay more than anyone else for apple products.

    I do think the UK should only be pursuint of damages incurred in UK markets for patent infringement. But yes they clearly have not said they did not do it!

    Anyway I am very sure you are too busy to reply to this working two jobs living the American dream so you can afford your medical bills! Only a matter of time before a big one drops on the matt!

    Just also thought I'd mention as a dual US/UK citizen born if FL that you speak 'ENGLISH' and the Limeys beat the Vietnamesse in 1945-46 before handing it back to the French where as the US lost, so please climb down off the horsey :) Google is your friend my friend. 

    To any nice US people reading this (I do love the US) and I am glad USA is running the world and not China!

    Have a blessed Day :) x