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  • Advanced Data Protection will complicate new device setup this Christmas

    Just add an update section after you connect to wifi in the setup menu. Many devices do this
  • Apple uses Messages colors to bully Android users, says Google

    To be fair we are better than our green bubbled friends haha
  • Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max with always-on display

    I find the “need” to move away from Lightning hilarious. The only thing usb-c would do is force me to go buy new cables when I have plenty of lightning cables from over the years. 
  • Apple details user privacy, security features built into its CSAM scanning system

    F_Kent_D said:
    I 100% agree with everyone’s concern and disapproval of this feature. However, I have nothing to hide as far as child pornography or anything of the sort. I have 3 daughters and would rather them not receive any pornographic texts or communication from anyone and this is to help keep that from happening. Todays kids are chatting and messaging no telling who on the online games and I’ve found that one of my daughters was suckered into doing things that shouldn’t have been done as a 10 year old. She’s been warned but I’m unable to warn the other party. I’m not 100% happy about all of this scanning but at the same time I have young girls that if there’s a way to protect them I will accept the protection against sex trafficking and other improper activities via messaging. 
    Protect your daughters by treating them like the billionaires who built this stuff, don’t let them use it.
  • iPhone must use USB-C by 2024, says EU law

    crowley said:
    hogman said:
    JP234 said:
    hogman said:
    I won’t upgrade to an iPhone with USB-C. I have 10+ lightning cables and this will result in furthering man made climate change by forcing millions of people like me to go buy all new cables and charging blocks since most of mine are the old usb square blocks and old ipad blocks as well. 
    Yes you will. I've heard this trope about every change every company has ever made. Myself, I traded in my buggy whip for an ignition key 50 years ago. And my 4-speed for a 10 speed automatic 4 years ago. And my Apple SCSI, ADC, RS-232, FireWire, Mini DisplayPort, Mini DVI, Mini VGA, and 2.5 mm Mini audio jack.
    Don’t tell me what I will or won’t do. You are clueless in this situation. I will simply wait until it goes port less. I can easily hold onto a iPhone 14 for 5+ years if need be. Quit thinking so much of yourself
    Why would you wait for it to go portless?  It can do inductive charging now if you are so allergic to USB-C cables. 
    It looks to be highly likely that within the next 5 years the iPhone will be portless. I just upgraded my iPhone XS and the only issue was reduced battery life. So short of me losing my phone I won’t upgrade until it’s portless. Nothing to do with usb-c, I was messing around on my first post but then some guy made a douchey reply so I explained he was wrong and he still can’t accept that for some reason