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  • Apple backs down on CSAM features, postpones launch

    it's officially a complete disaster from now on...
    Forstall was fired for much less... 

  • New MacBook Pro with M1 Max processor will ditch Touch Bar, adopt MagSafe

    I am waiting this event the most since the original introduction of the M1. even if this whole thing was started back then when Steve was alive, this transition I think is / will be the most important heritage of "Tim's Apple" and while I hate the dude I'm rooting for an even bigger bang than last year's was of course. I miss those times when I've felt like this (or even more like this) before every single Apple Event!
  • Apple's M1 Max GPU is at least 3x faster than M1, Metal benchmark shows

    keithw said:
    (...) It's too bad they did not also announce a M1 Max Mac Mini along with the laptops.  I think it will still be a while until they release a Pro desktop (either iMac or headless) pro model.

    I feel the same :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( Now I have to spend money on a Mac Mini I will never like but will use for a couple of years :neutral: 
  • Facebook to reportedly rebrand with focus on the metaverse

    Turd, Inc.
  • New Facebook whistleblower claims company allows hate, illegal activity

    vedelppa said:
    crowley said:
    Wgkrueger said:
    Hate speech: writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group. Seems spot on. 
    Yep, I don't see what “F*ing Germans!” could possibly have added to the conversation, and on the face of it seems like a blatant insult against an entire country.  Entirely right that it should be moderated.


    there's nothing wrong with hate speech (what you in fact do is hate speech against hate spech, haha!). there's nothing wrong with racism (and I'm telling you these even if I was (and 100% will be) "victim" of both a lot of times). same with "homophobia" (which is itself a non-existent made up thing). these are natural traits of humans. since libertards of the USA and some of their western-european myrmidons invented and distribute these lies, more people hate black (and other colored) and gay people than before (and I somehow think that was their real goal, generating tension). "funny" that they hide behind the idea of libertarianism (even if they call themselves liberals, they couldn't be further from what it means originally) while they do tell us what we can and can not say and / or talk about. "funny" they at the same time talk bad about for example russians, chinese, sometimes even in the same sentence. if there's free speech - let it be free. the problem with FB is not allowing hate speech.

    You forgot the '/s' after that sarcasm.  Err, it was sarcasm, right?  Wasn't it?   Please say it was....

    It wasn't. How stupid I am, right? Maybe somebody should remove my comment and ban me? Or not, that would validate some part of what I've written. Anyway, I should be silenced. Never mind, you intelligent people will only know what's right, because you were told by intelligent people that's right. So, in the end just laugh on me, or even better, hate me secretly 'cause I'm BAAAAAAD. Aaand - you're The Good Guy here, of course! ;) Feel yourself superior, you definitely are, that's for sure!
  • M1X MacBook Pro still expected to launch in October

    I'll be a bit disappointed if the Mac Mini won't get an M1X update at the same time!
  • Apple Silicon MacBook Pro and AirPods event is on October 18

    dewme said:
    I’d vastly prefer a Mac Mini Pro to a larger iMac. Nothing against the iMac, but I’d rather have a moderately extensible and modular Mini that can drive at least three 4K or higher resolution monitors, at least four TB4 ports, 10 GB Ethernet, support for at least 64 GB memory, and support for at least 8 TB solid state storage inside the chassis. I wouldn’t complain about other ports like SD, HDMI, and even one or two USB ports. 

    When you see how little of the volume of the new 24” iMac is actually devoted to the computing element, it’s very apparent that Apple could stuff a ton of computing power into a Mini sized volume. I wouldn’t even worry about maintaining the same exact form factor as the current Mini. 

    I’d love to see the Mac Mini be Apple’s version of what Intel does with their NUC, with various models geared towards prosumer to pro to gamer. Intel has gotten way more granular with too many models. Apple could get by with far fewer variations, like prosumer, pro, entertainment, and server. 

    That’s the dream. The reality will probably be a tweaked up variation of the 24” iMac with a larger integrated screen, M1x, all packaged in a Space Gray chassis. 

    +1, I am waiting for a beefier Mini and will be very sad if it turns out I'm waiting for nothing since months :D
  • 'Unleashed' was likely Apple's last major event of 2021

    Biggest secret ever revealed... And I think this guy got more money for stating nothing than we earn here in a month or two..
  • Facebook to reportedly rebrand with focus on the metaverse

    Japhey said:
    Japhey said:
    The future will be dystopian, indeed, if Facebook becomes the gatekeeper to the metaverse. Meanwhile, Apple is dicking around trying to figure out what materials to make it’s HMD out of. First mover advantage will be important here. People are ready for this, and it will be expensive enough that many won’t be able to simply swap platforms whenever they want. Apple perfected the sticky ecosystem blueprint, and if it doesn’t get off it’s ass, it’s going to get beaten at its own game. 
    The Internet is littered with claims that Apple is too late delivering (x). Apple is happy to be the first company to make something right, that the rest of the industry then falls over themselves to copy.
    Yeah, I read those claims every day too. And eventually one of them will be right. Or, do you really believe they can continue being on top forever without adapting? (...)

    I'm affraid that's not too far away, software-wise they are doing such things so that Steve wants to come back from the afterlife just to fire everybody from the company.. It's happening and quota-jobs and such (I mean distributing propaganda.. why the ffff did he get into it? why did he pull Apple into it as well?!) will make it worse, it's so sad to see :( I hope I'm wrong but Tim might ruin this whole thing completely but there's always hope.