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  • Apple fires employee who spoke out on workplace issues, cites alleged leak

    This woman was paid 386k by Apple and bad mouthed company because her manager complimented her on an improved presentation. Apple should have fired cancer like this way earlier 
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  • Apple's 'flat out victory' will cause problems for antitrust regulatory efforts

    I don’t know where the public determined that using an off-site provider avails the developer of paying Apple’s fees. The fees are not from the payment itself, that would be ridiculous. Those are developer fees owed to the platform hosting the app, that pay for the review process. Free apps bypass the typical 30% fee for the app sale, so Apple then tacks that same fee onto in-app purchases. If the developer throws a button in an app to PayPal, they don’t suddenly not owe Apple any money just because of where the transaction was made. It’s literally written into the contract. One of the points of this case was whether that was legal, and Apple won that their contract with developers is completely legal, and they have to right to ban Epic’s account, on the matter of the violation alone, even if they pay the money owed to Apple. The public is turning on Epic, but this is now completely out of their hands – Apple has 100% of the say on whether Fortnite can ever return to the app store. They can choose to permanently ban Epic’s developer account from the iOS platform. That has more than just Fortnite keep in mind, that also has a chilling effect on whether Epic can deliver tools to game developers for their Unreal Engine on iOS. Epic bet the farm on this ruling and lost, and have put a lot of their business in jeopardy right now; and instead of begging forgiveness for the reinstatement of their developer rights, they are choosing to appeal. Literally spitting in Apple’s face. I will tell you right now, if they go forward with this appeal and lose, or the court decides not to pick up this case because they agree with the lower court’s ruling – Apple will never allow Epic back on iOS.

    In short, Apple is now in a position to completely end Epic Mobile as we know it , and that would likely finish off Epic, Epic backers can all thank Tim Sweenie. What is astounding , is , knowing al this , Tim Weenie still filed an appeal! This is the time to beg to save your company!!

    Epic board should cal an emergency meeting and remove Tim Sweenie ASAP to save the company 
  • Epic says Apple doesn't meet the mark to stay App Store injunction

    Chinese communist owned game maker Epic , please keep them out of the 
    Apple App Store  forever 
  • Apple pushing back against South Korea's App Store payment law

    I lived in South Korea and if people thought Trump saying America First was disrespect to others around the world, let’s just say Korea is “Korea first x 10”, in fact that is case with most Asian countries.

    anyways,back to this law, let’s just say  if this law was harmful to Koreas own Samsung or LG, it would not have happened.

    Don’t be naive
  • Epic says Apple doesn't meet the mark to stay App Store injunction

    Beats said:
    Crazy how we’re even giving people the idea tthat hey can rule a company they don’t own. These lawsuits should have been laughed at and dismissed day one.

    But since we give them attention…

    I’m gonna sue Wal-Mart if they don’t build a store next to my house and sell my homemade food in their deli for free. If they want a profit from me that’s anti-competitive, they should be working for me for free.
    What you described is communism and funny Epic is  owned by China 
  • Epic Games files to appeal ruling in Apple lawsuit

    Apple right now can not only continue banning Fortnite from App Store but can also ban all unreal engine accounts. Basically Apple
    can end Epic Mobile based on the ruling.

    bur oh yeah, Epic won lol…
  • Apple fires leader of #AppleToo movement

    This is the coddled generation. My wife was at the dentist the other day and 25(!) year old woman came in and said her mommy called and made an appointment for her. These kids are used to their parents bending over backwards to take care of their every need well past their childhood and think that corporate America should be beholden to them. 
    They are called Snowflakes, participation trophy generation. Apple needs to fire all these idiots and hire people from around the world who would give and arm and leg to work at Apple and be appreciative 
  • Apple fires leader of #AppleToo movement

    I can't imagine having the opportunity to work at Apple, and throwing it away out of my own entitlement.
    That Ashley woman who Apple paid  385k to, you know the one who was offended because her boss said she made improvements on her presentation from time before? And then she claims her office and apartment was built on land dump but nobody will verify or back her up.

    that is the type of nut jobs , Apple needs to fire the HR manager too for hiring these idiots 
  • Apple likely to face US Justice Department antitrust lawsuit

    This Government is doing nothing right, gas is $5 and inflation going crazy, border is a mess but they want to tell America best company what to do. These politicians need to just go away