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  • Hacker allegedly posed as Apple Support to scam user out of $1,500

    I joined simply to reply to Tokyojimu.
    However. I’m guessing this is old news by now.
    My own doctor laughed and gave me the “PFFFT noise: everybody knows about that scam!!!”

    These cybercrime rings who are having massive success by posing as tech support are mainly using AnyDesk. 
    Google “AnyDesk.” The results are horrifying.
    I have been the tech support go between at every job I had before I became ill (literary and arts; people are oddly fearful of computers). 

    I’m so incredibly embarrassed, absolutely humiliated to share that I was scammed on September 3rd-–guy posing as Apple tech support. I’d just gotten my disability check and he gutted my bank account.

    My first mistake: I’d spent more than a week dealing with my bank refusing to fix some unknown issue that wouldn’t allow me to add my new debit card to my Apple wallet. Suntrust, soon to be Truist—branch manager’s response was “what’s an apple wallet?”

    Running out of time, as some important bills are auto paid that way, AND stupidly losing my temper (which is rare, and simply makes me just that stupid), I GOOGLED the number for Apple tech support. These people had coded in a very convincing imposter listing. 

    I should have known better. I know. I knew and know better, but I should add he was an exceptional manipulator. There’s NO WAY he’s working alone. The real Apple, hearing the details, urged me to call the Sheriff’s dept before my bank. The deputy who came out said it’s a bigger problem than anyone’s admitting. Begged me to share the report on the FBI’s IC3.gov site. I am sharing this humiliating story with as many people as possible actually. I’ll share to the IC3 site after I finish begging for my **FDIC-insured** bank to please believe all the documentation and call the sheriff, look at the evidence I’ve compiled, call Apple, whatever it takes, end their investigation in my favor. 
    It’s unlikely.

    So, what’s very creepy— well… besides the massive loss of money (massive for me), The Most Critical private information stolen, even more expense in spending $30 a month for IdentityGuard (dude—he got enough info to WRECK my tiny life to superbly frightening degrees)…he managed a FLAWLESS impersonation of a tech support person. 
    And I didn’t think twice about installing the app because I’ve had this problem with adding a debit card before. More than twice. (Going to another bank at last.) Verizon’s tech support did the same when they were trying to do my bank’s job. And the computer savior at one nonprofit I worked for used a similar technique since she wasn’t onsite and it was urgent (almost 20 years ago).

    I’ve had macs since 1985. Tech support is a call I’ve made to Apple perhaps 3 times in 25 years—not because I’m smart; a credit to their consistently intuitive interface. So I actually don’t have any sense of their general protocol. Except Apple is exceedingly patient and almost always the kindest support I’ve encountered.

    Reading the other comments above…SIGH. I’m writing the tale of my dimwittedness in a forum of some exceptionally intelligent people. I’m genuinely sorry for wasting the time of you folks. 
    I think it’s important to try to make something good come out of any situation where you’re harmed in anyway. Share the story! Help at least one person not learn something in the hardest way. 

    That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for your patience and time everyone!