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  • Apple keeps making third-party screen repairs harder

    arthurba said:
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    arthurba said:
    I'm all for Apple making it absolutely impossible for "3rd party" repairs on iPhone.

    In my home town we have a Facebook community group.  

    Last summer, several people "lost" their iPhones at local beaches, and community members helped them track them down with "find my" (why people find this so hard I don't know).

    Last known location - a "phone repair shop" some 40km away. (and no, the police won't investigate, but I've no idea why)

    iPhone's are stolen regularly, and yet they are pretty useless to a pawn shop - so this is pretty much the only use for them.  And iPhone parts are expensive.  So I guess someone can spend a morning "collecting" iPhones and by the afternoon have a few dollars in their pocket.

    After iPhone's - the next most common thing stolen here are BMW's - and again, it's for parts.  If BMW could stop 3rd party repairs, they absolutely would, because folk around here actively campaign now "don't buy a BMW", which I doubt BMW are very happy about.
    You do realize that the market for ‘genuine’ apple parts is inflated because of Apple prohibiting suppliers from selling them, right? If there was a viable source for ‘genuine’ parts the market would be different.
    You can buy BMW parts as "genuine" or "compatible", but it doesn't stop people stealing BMW's for parts.  Having "3rd party" suppliers for Apple parts is also not prevent the theft of iPhone's for parts.  Making the device irreparable (except by Apple) and/or the parts unuseful (as described here: the display can be replaced but it breaks Face ID) are significantly more effective strategies for combatting theft.
    Except most 3rd party repair are buying their screens from the same places that make them for Apple, in fact IFixit just did a screen swap from a brand new IPHONE 13 to another IPHONE 13 and found the face ID to not work, Apple has serialized the screens so they can keep charging excess dollars to fix it while good 3rd party repair shops are no longer competition so prices go up and consumers are forced to go only to Apple for repairs.
  • Apple making display repairs harder on iPhone 13 Pro is a step too far

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    Is this an opinion piece? Because it makes zero sense. What this article advocates is for Apple to put it’s customers at risk somthat some bottom feeder random repair shop can service Apple products their way.  ߙ䰟鄰 
    What "risk" are you talking about? I have had a lot of third-party repairs to my iPhones all these years, should i be worried?
     It can also make the phone insecure after the repair. Who knows what a 3rd party did to that phone, where they get their parts from, etc. They can inadvertently install a malicious piece of hardware. 
    [citation needed]
    A malicious piece of hardware says a person who doesn't know how a rock works, the only security breech I've seen from a repair was Apples own repair facility where an Apple tech released a private sex video off the phone he was repairing.