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  • The best notes apps for iPhone and iPad

    I find myself crafting notes in BBEdit or even Visual Studio Code (I spend a lot of time front-end coding). I love plain text. I then copy and paste over to Craft if I’m sharing the text with a client. Craft has built-in public (no login required) sharing and their URL previews look awesome.
  • Apple worker walkout organizers issue demands, size of strike unclear

    I literally had to make an account to type this comment cause all the other comments on here are just… wow! People really don’t give a crap about each other anymore do they? For all those on here calling to “fire every one of them” why don’t y’all do your research before you go on your computer and type out nonsense comments not knowing what you’re talking about or being in their shoes? It seems to me you all are the entitled ones that expect everything to be done for them no matter the cost or consequences to others. That’s what happens when you have a capitalist economy with no oversight or consequences for multi-billion dollar companies that nickel and dime their employees - who by the way, if they didn’t have these employees they wouldn’t continue to be in business or successful. Asking for part-time benefits when the majority of the retail workforce is part-time is not asking for too much, it’s asking for the bare minimum. In fact apple is a multi-trillion dollar company that can easily afford to give all employees some level of benefits. Hell even best buy gives part-time employees PTO - sure it’s not much, but Apple’s profits+revenue far outweigh any other retail or tech company in the world let alone America. So while you continue defending a multi-trillion dollar company that is literally squeezing their workforce dry with ZERO additional benefits, hazard pay, or protections (let’s not forget all the other illegal labor they’re part of in China) just for the sake of the “customer” (see: profits and shareholders) - the people who actually understand these issues and feel for these people will continue to support the movement for EVERY EMPLOYEE at EVERY COMPANY to stand up for their right; cause guess what? People don’t have to settle anymore. There are literally hundreds of other companies that will gladly take anyone who has Apple on their resume. Apple isn’t the Eden of workplaces. It is not the savior of the people. It’s a company. That only cares about their bottom line. And the employees that enable that bottom line deserve more respect and benefits and not fearing for their lives whenever they go to their stores and a customer refuses to wear a mask and causes a scene. I bet none of you commenters on here ever experienced that kind of risk and desperation between needing money and work and standing up for your rights. 
    And I had to register just to ask if you’ve ever heard of paragraph breaks. It might make your arguments easier to follow.