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    Sadly, macOS 12.2 obliterated a previously-used screen resolution. My LG 5K display has been running at 3840 x 1620 for over a year now. It's the perfect balance of readability and fitting what I need on screen. As soon as my computer rebooted from the 12.2 update, I could see that the login icon/box were too large. When I go into the preferences, 3840 x 1620 is no longer an option. It jumps straight from 3360 x 1417 (too zoomed-in/large)... up to 5120 x 2160 (WAY too high/small). And before anyone asks: YES, I know to hold Option while clicking the "Scaled" radio button to see the full list of resolutions, and YES, I checked the "Show all resolutions" checkbox. 3840 x 1620 no longer appears. I have screenshots of the same panel from prior to the update (totally unrelated), but glad I had it so I could prove I'm not crazy. ;) 

    I have tried the litany or permutations of rebooting, rebooting with monitor off, then powering on, plugging/unplugging the Thunderbolt cable, and endless combinations of all that while changing the resolutions. It has not reappeared.

    Has anyone else had resolution issues with this update...?
    I have the same issue with the 12.2 update running LG 5k 34" on Mac Pro (2019) AMD Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB, connected via USB-C. The 3840x1620 options is gone after OS 12.2 update. I installed EasyRes which exposed that option. However EasyRes has two sub-menus of resolution choices—one is called Retina 2X and the other Standard 1X. The 3840x1620 option is only available in the Standard 1X menu and, when choosing any options from that 1x menu, fonts and images show aliasing, a decrease in quality. To my knowledge, my LG 5K is not a Retina display(?) so I'm not sure what is happening here. Is it math, and the scale factor needing to result in an even number of pixels relative to actual screen resolution? Any ideas?