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  • Apple's long-rumored all-glass tactile keyboard may be real sooner rather than later

    Apple is not going to make a device with creepy looking organic blisters for a keyboard.  I'm sure it's great for accessibility but it looks like pure sci-fi horror.
  • Showrunners of 'Severance' hate for each other is causing problems for season 2

    aybara said:
    So apparently Apple hardware rumors aren't the only things completely made up now.
  • A new Mac Pro is coming, confirms Apple exec

    Serqetry said:
    That is what I've always thought.  If Apple doesn't design a new ARM chip series for the Mac Pro that exceeds the limitations of the SoC M-series, there's really no reason at all to even make a new Mac Pro.  The dumb rumors about an M2 Ultra Mac Pro make no sense.  I think that is more likely to be misinterpreted info related to an upcoming M2 Mac Studio refresh.

    There might be a new Mac Pro coming too, but it has to do a lot better than M2 Ultra... and it probably isn't coming as soon as people believe.
    Why?  The Mac Pro is about a tower chassis with expansion capabilities.  There’s no rule that says it has to have higher performance than every other model.  The Studio has good thermals and that’s the primary limitation when it comes to performance.  And while it’s nice to think Apple could crank out a SoC just for the Mac Pro, the economics of doing that don’t make much sense:  they just don’t move enough volume to warrant it.  When using Intel they had the luxury of a buffet of workstation and server class chips, plus AMD and/or nVidia to provide a selection of GPUs.  This is no longer true with ASi, so they need to figure out how to scale high enough without over investing.  Tricky problem.  

    The whole M1 series was an impressive exercise in scaling, and if they can improve on the M1 Ultra’s efficiency bottlenecks then the M2 Ultra will be even more impressive.  It isn’t going to satisfy the discrete GPU adherents though, so either Apple backtracks and uses an AMD GPU (which kind of undermines their strategy), or they use multiple M2s (some sort of grid compute software solution), or they just stick with the M2 Ultra (for now, until they can improve their scaling story further) and put it in a slotted chassis, or they put off the Mac Pro until M3 (which leaves a hole in their product line).  My guess is they’ll use an M2 Ultra, perhaps clock it a bit higher, and focus on expandability… but at least have a product.  M3 is spooling up this year though, so perhaps a bit more delay and launch the next architecture with the Mac Pro?
    Most people don't care much about expandability, and Apple sure doesn't.  No one needs the equivalent of an M2 Ultra Mac Studio inside a cheesegrater case.  Apple needs to make something very different from current ASi machines if they want anyone to buy it, and that means way more RAM, much more powerful GPU, etc... whether you order it that way or add it later isn't as important.
  • This could be the first real leak of Apple VR headset components

    This really doen't look like it's for a VR headset lol.  What VR headset is shaped like a big pair of sunglasses where a cable has to run across your nose?  The shape and connectors don't make much sense, and obviously the "leaker" is trying to manipulate you by putting 2 cables together, 1 flipped upside down, to put a sunglasses-like shape in your mind.  A legit leak would have shown lenses or micro OLED screens or something.  This is just funny.