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  • Android iMessage app Beeper mini isn't working, and Apple probably killed it

    sdw2001 said:
    Here I was thinking that it would result in legal action.  Instead, they just flipped the switch and said “how about DEM apples?”  🤣🤣🤣

    We'll see.  Beeper Cloud is already back up and running.
  • Android iMessage app Beeper mini isn't working, and Apple probably killed it

    sflocal said:
    Why would any company think it's okay to hijack proprietary technology from another company, let alone Apple?  I get why people want to do this, but if they think it's going to be a viable business model, think again.

    I would never want to hire this CEO.  It's obvious he has s**t for brains.
    Not sure he's the one with s**t for brains.
  • Beeper Mini promises blue speech bubbles for Android users

    This app is ideal for Android users who appreciate being able to participate in an iMessage chat group but don't want an iPhone. It's really not that hard to understand. 
  • Goodbye, green bubbles: How to send blue iMessages from Android with Beeper Mini

    sdw2001 said:

    jimh2 said:
    This will be shut down as the software is trespassing on Apple servers. No different than using (stealing) electricity from the neighbor without permission. Masquerading as blue is fraudulent on some level as blue tells users who they are messaging.

    You cannot use someone else’s assets without their permission and there are no exceptions to this. 

    I haven’t considered that. I was more focused on the fact that I think it’s going to get shut down because they are mimicking Apple’s iMessage service, which is a proprietary technology.  The interface, the blue bubble, the entire way it works, it’s all legally protected.  They openly admit that it’s reverse engineered. Did Apple even have this kind of evidence against Samsung? Unless this makes Apple a ton of cash, I think they have no choice but to file a nuclear-level lawsuit.  A company just openly copied their product so it would work on a competing platform.  That isn’t going to fly.
    What?  Are you serious?
  • Beeper Mini for Android lives again, but for how long is anybody's guess

    Beeper is lying and being selective in what they say.

    They're referencing SMS chats when they say they have better security. That’s not a very big hurdle.
    No, they're not lying.  When iPhones communicate with Android phones they default to SMS.

  • Beeper Mini developers say fix is 'coming soon' for iMessage Android app

    gatorguy said:
    Marvin said:
    Nikon8 said:
    I mean just change the color to blue. What is the point of this trouble. 
    It's a warning system.

    "I just feel safer with a blue", "if it's green, I feel like I can't trust you", "I feel like an Android user is a nerd", "It's like you're cheap", "I message people with green but you're annoying"

    It can be a sign of financial security. Android is the smartphone equivalent of using the bus. Classy women don't want bus people.

    When it's not about money, it can be about geekiness. Android is the choice of the tech bro. 🤓 Dungeons and Dragons isn't for everyone.

    The tech bro personality is usually unpleasant. You can tell from online comments which ones are from this type of people, usually rude, obnoxious.

    It also represents trusted messaging. If you are going to be sending sensitive messages, you don't want to be sending to a green bubble, especially one trying to pretend they are a blue bubble.

    It's an appropriate color choice too as it is the color of envy. Android people are jealous of what they are missing out on so they mimic it like putting gold paint on jewellery, the whole Android ecosystem is built on mimicking iPhone from hardware to software. They will form entire companies at great expense to just be one of the nice blue bubbles. But it's a fraud, they are still green bubbles underneath.

    Kudos to Apple for keeping blues safe from the greens.
    Bro, your comment is the definition of obnoxious.