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  • Compared: M2 iPad Pro vs M1 iPad Pro

    I have never been an "if only Steve were still here" guy. UNTIL NOW. From the new iPad updates (with iPad Pro still having camera in wrong place) to this stupid dongle to keep the Pencil 1.0 in play, ...oh my gosh; how awful. I mean, ...would Steve Jobs have overseen such things? Wow: BAD
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  • Which upgrades are worth it for the Mac Studio

    The Studio makes sense for the iMac Pro users. It is in the same price range and offers big improvements over the last model. iMac 27" users, on the other hand, are out in the cold. Apple has no equivalent option for them. It seems odd that Apple has turned its back on home users who want more than the lowest end product.
    Just get the base model studio, and use your own monitor.
    It's faster than a 27" iMac, and you're not wedded to buying a new monitor every time you need a CPU refresh.
    I am having a hard time believing this based on Apple's history of "What's next." I did not bother to look up the exact years of advancements, but if FEELS like Apple monitor upgrades have gone something like this: 2009: Just buy an HD monitor, and you are good to go for years, mating it with a new PowerMac later. 2013: Oh, now we need Retina monitor with the new Mac, because that what it supports and is the cutting edge. 2016: iMac with 5K Retina. Since Apple is now advertising that their Mac Studio can run multiple 8K videos at the same time,, is the must-have 8K monitor next? Or is it super mini LED things...
  • Apple Fitness+ review: A physical & mental health godsend during the pandemic winter

    Similar to the author, I was desperate for something in the dead of winter and tried three different routines one day. I have not stopped since then. Four times a week. 20 min of this, 10 min of that, sometimes a 30 min spin bike (at school where I work), sometimes some HIIT or Cardio before my 3-mile jog when weather permits. Yeah, the sweet spot of needed activity and motivation. I like that I can choose so many different things and even then choose my own cool down.
  • M3 MacBook Air & MacBook Pro may not debut until October

    Is this article suggesting Apple would release a 13” M3 MacBook Air, but leave the 15” MacBook Air at M2?
    If so, I don’t get why Apple would do that.
    They’re the same computer, just a bigger screen in one of ‘em.
    And, most people ready to purchase the 15” Air would wait if they saw the M3 was in the 13”; they’d know the M3 is just around the corner for the 15”.

  • Apple TV+ has 'no excuse' for lagging growth, says Netflix co-founder

    At $5 a month, it is a good value. For $5, I feel like there is one new quality show (or season of a show) every month, all original content, an occasional movie or two of very high quality (Tom Hanks and such), and a documentary series. For $5 a month, and the quality, it is worth it to me. I spend more than that on one book.
  • Apple supplier Luxshare wants to build new plants for wearables & electric cars

    I know: Analysts are always wrong when it comes to Apple. ...And I have always thought so. BUT, it has been on my mind for the last two years (and I finally heard the same with Jason Snell and John Gruber on podcast) that production in China will someday be a huge problem for Apple. China continues to cause more regional and world problems and postures throughout the Pacific, and no doubt will indeed someday launch its military against Taiwan. No analyst nor Apple exec has even hinted that Apple has a plan for when the shooting starts or the trade penalties hit high gear for ALL of Chinese production. From MacBooks to iPhones and practically all Apple hardware, there is no other place to pick up ALL that production with even one year warning. So, producing NEW categories of Apple hardware in China too? Dang unnerving. Even if Foxconn were Taiwanese-owned, most Foxconn facilities are in an ever increasingly hostile China.