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  • Hands on: Apple's new 13-inch MacBook Pro has a lot of bang for the buck

    Yeah, the screen and processor speed seem good.

    The RAM is low. The SSD is too small AND slow!

    If you want to expand the RAM you have to go BTO which adds 12 days to delivery time.

    Configured "correctly" they're changing $1700 for the machine - and you only have to wait around 2 weeks to get it.

    I bought one today but I have not opened it, I think I'm going to return it and sit on the money until Apple delivers a entry level machine with 256GB (the bare bare minimum needed to install Mac OS X, some basic productivity programs, a small music library and maybe a small Bootcamp partition.) But on 128 that's nearly impossible.

    128GB on a $1300 laptop turned out to be a deal breaker for me, frankly it should be embarrassing to Apple.  128GB SSD with these write speeds cost less than $30 dollars, and a 240GB version is less than $45.
  • Honeywell debuts Lyric Round thermostat for HomeKit, Polar ships iPhone-compatible Balance smartsca

    Not to threadcrap but my local electric company will give you a free Smart Thermostat and install it for free. I just got the Ecobee 3 installed by SGD&E for free.
  • Lawsuit seeks more than $5M from Apple for slowing older iPhones with iOS 9 upgrade

    Apple needs to ensure the software for a supported older device works well enough. I have a hard time believing iOS 9 performs worse than iOS 8 did so were these people coming from iOS 6 or 7?
    "Well enough" is too subjective.

    If I have a iPhone 4 and am on iOS 7, then upgrade to iOS 9 and *I* think i's much slower, or I just don't like it, why can't I revert to iOS 7?

    Apple has it's reasons for not letting you revert - but there is a clash between what a reasonable consumer might want to do and what Apple wants to do.

    All Apple has to do is distribute the software and sign the damn thing. You could have reverted from iOS9 to iOS8 in the first few days that iOS 8 was out. Apple choose to stop that for "reasons."

     Just let people revert any version of iOS that was out when that phone model was released. Add all kinds of "are you sures" and "don't do its" -- but let me do it.

    (Waiting for obtuse response about jail-breaking and piracy from someone now.)