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  • BACtrack unveils Apple Watch band with built-in blood alcohol monitor

    Please tell there is some kind of legitimate medical use for constantly monitoring blood alcohol level, and this is not just the ideal strap for someone who desperately needs a different lifestyle than a daily flirting with drinking and driving.
    What's wrong with this use case? Seems to offer value to me -- learning how your consumption behavior affects your blood-alcohol levels, in order to get a data-based baseline of your behavior. I see nothing wrong with this at all. No different than those that want data-based workout metrics. 
    I'm a criminal DUI attorney.  This has a ton of value. I have clients that test just over the legal limit, but they don't realize they are at that level (they "feel" fine).  To be safe drinking at dinner and knowing you're ok to drive would be great.  Don't drink at all and it's not a problem?  True, but that's not the law.  And for those that test way over the limit, or will use this to try to see how high they can test, yea, not for them.
  • Virtualization software maker Parallels bought out by Canada's Corel

    I need this software. Don't screw with it!
  • Redesigned Apple Watch with larger screen, enhanced battery life and health features due i...

    Big Ben is a bell. It doesn’t have a clockface on it 
    Big Ben plays for the Steelers
  • Apple hires former Tesla engineer to bolster its self-driving car project

    It is very distressing how litigious the U.S. is. I just feel very strongly that we should take personal responsibility. The crash was not the fault of the car. It was the fault of the driver. I still, after all of these years, think about the woman who sued McDonald’s because she spilled hot coffee on her lap. I of course believe that people should have the right to sue, but people take it way to far. If people are trespassing on my property without my consent, they should not be allowed to sue me for example.
    I'm a lawyer. I have studied that case. The public does not have all the facts if they are relying on news reports.