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  • Watch: Apple's Lightning EarPods sound better than legacy 3.5mm headphone jack

    It is absurd to think that because you plug into a 3.5mm jack on an adapter, its somehow magically better than plugging into the same size jack on the iphone itself. 
    Of course, Apple could have decided to make them perform differently, but its nothing inherent in being a lightning port vs. 3.5mm jack. And louder != better, although many people will claim in blind tests that music played louder sounded better even when they are exactly the same other than being louder.
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  • Apple needs blockbuster acquisitions in gaming & video streaming to thrive, claims J.P. Mo...

    Agree with JPM's comments.

    Apple has huge cash horde. They could change industries. Instead they've wasted the money with financial engineering trying to prop up their own stock. They could have bought, or could buy, a video content company (not a good idea any more, but Apple is doing it anyway), they could buy Tesla to shake up the automotive industry, be a leader in EV & autonomous, and get a visionary as part of it. Breaking into the gaming market in a big way would be a good move. They have so much money they could really change the landscape. They could buy AMD or NVIDIA, make their own graphics cards better than anyone else in the industry. They could buy or have bought a cell company, an ISP. Lots of industries that have been hard for Apple to work with, Apple could just buy.

    Instead they're just tweaking products and raising prices. 
  • One month later: iPhone XS versus the iPhone XS Max


    Smaller is better. Carry around an iPad if you want big.
    The XS Max is too big to carry, too big to use. What is needed is a phone with the footprint of the iPhone SE but with a display the size of the iPhone 6/7/8. This is the sweet spot. That provides a big screen that you can barely manage with one hand, while having the smallest footprint for that screen.

    Apple needs to provide choices. They have big sizes, 5.8, 6.5, iPad mini with its 7.9 display, iPad 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5.

    What they're currently lacking is a small PORTABLE device that can be easily managed with one hand. Thats the phones smaller than iPhone X/XS.

    Apple has classically been blamed for making things too small, thin. Now they've given up on that and making phone big big big.

    Hopefully Apple will provide variety and not continue to be obsessed with size. 
  • Apple News+ wrangled more than 200,000 subscriptions in first 48 hours, report says

    Is 200k supposed to be a lot? Hundreds of millions of iPhone users and 200k is going to move the needle?
  • Beats to skip Studio Wireless headphone update in 2016, report says

    These headphones are an embarassement for Apple. They cost $380. Yet Best Buy sells them for $190 and they are still not worth it. They are not competitive with other wireless headphones. They look like a money grab by Apple for a clearly inferior product. 
  • Why Apple's iPhone SE lacks 3D Touch technology

    So what this tells me as an iOS developer, is that its not worth adding 3d touch features to new apps because only a few phones support it. It makes 3d touch seem like a dead end technology that they're no longer including on new phones.