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  • Every iPhone user is tied to Saudi business interests, like it or not

    While I didn’t see it mentioned, there’s another underlying issue that affects Tim Cook. As an out gay man, I find it curious that he chums it up with someone who would have him executed just for his sexuality (note, not even behavior). It is simply enough to be accused of being gay to be arrested and executed in Saudi Arabia. I understand his fiduciary responsibility as CEO supersedes his personal issues in this context. But if the murder of a journalist is a red line, then why not this?
  • MacBook Air 2018 Review: Apple's most popular Mac gets an impactful upgrade

    MacBook Air is an enticing machine. It fits squarely between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro, with tradeoffs of course. 

    But at the same price point of $1,299, the tradeoffs come in the form of computing power, size, weight and battery life. For many, the Pro will be the better investment with better CPU which almost guarantees longevity. 
  • Apple A10 iPhone 7 speeds past Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, LG G6 & BBK 3T (with 2x RA...

    qwwera said:

    With Android you still get funky useless widgets!

    Don't forget the amazingness of customizable widgets!

    ...and side-loadable malware!!
    And a back button!! My brother in law switched from android to iPhone, loved it, then switched back because the iPhone doesn't have a back button... lol
    Funny ‘cause I have a friend at work who touts the back button as well. Showed him that on an iPhone you just swipe right to go back; and the back link in the top right. Argument was over quickly.
  • Facebook reportedly fined $5B over Cambridge Analytica fiasco

    MplsP said:
    rob53 said:
    I'm trying to figure out why Democrats objected to the fine and/or amount. From what I remember about this fiasco, it was pretty clear cut what Facebook did and the way they abused all sorts of things. I'd like to know why each political party felt the way they did. 
    Yeah, I noticed that too. For a partisan split it was opposite of what you typically see. The reasons I can think of:
    - fine too big
    - fine too small
    - there was no other ongoing punishment or action to change the operations
    - they did it just to be partisan and vote against the republicans
    - they're totally find with Facebook's lack of respect for people's privacy
    - Mark Zuckerberg was a big campaign contributor.

    A simple search of any number of other articles (from Politico to the WSJ, to NYT) would have given you the answer: It was because the fine was too low. It was a gift and won’t do anything to deter future problems.  
  • Apple's AirPods fail to earn Consumer Reports recommendation, beaten by Samsung's Galaxy B...

    My experience is that they are anti-design-first brands. They hate Dyson as well. Yet I’ve been screwed by buying their recommended Shark that couldn’t do half of what my Dyson can.