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  • Woman sues feds over data retention after iPhone seized at border

    I used to travel back and forth internationally at least 4 times a month. I was put on a "black list" where for the next 5 years I was personally screened each and every time I came through.

    The trigger was when border patrol wanted to look through my computer. I refused and told them they needed to get permission from my legal department (Microsoft). I came to find out later that rights do not exist at the border, since no in that zone has technically Entered the US. I find this odd since the US has laws that govern its citizens regardless where they are in the world, but essentials like the bill of rights do not apply. Double standards?

    To bypass this issue, I created two separate logins. So if they would ask to view the computer, I would simply log into the secondary account. They are not trained nor do they have the technical expertise to know better. In my case, they kept on looking for things like spreadsheets as I was "suspected" of illegal trading. Just a shame we cannot do this with our iOS devices.

    Its is an interesting topic but doubt very much this is a good forum for it.
  • Apple axes Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave

    Just a heads up people.... If you open safari and type in the address bar: vnc://ip-address:port it will open Remote Desktop / screen sharing
  • Apple's MacBook butterfly switch keyboards target of second class action complaint

    chipped said:
    It would be could if existing models could be retrofitted with a V2 keyboard if possible.

    I think the issue is blown out of proportion however it is a real issue and needs to be addressed by Apple.
    (note: there are currently 2 versions of the butterfly keyboard/top-case for the MacBook Pro)
    Being someone who has had 3 top-case replacements... i do not think its overblown. I have been using Macs for nearly 20 years... and this is the first time that I have such a consistent and incredible issue. Also.... the v2 keyboard (top case) does not fit the v1 keyboard (top case) of on the MacBook Pro and both have the same problem. It is honestly not practical for Apple to design a v3 of the keyboard to fit the v2 and v1 top-cases.
  • Apple's powerful new Mac mini perfectly suits the 'Pro' market, yet the complaints have al...

    I do swift and web-technologies development. I have been through the wringer (literally) with the 2016 and now the 2018 MBP 15". I am going to hand my 2018 MBP back to Apple and will instead opt for an iPad / Mac mini setup. Since I have a 2014 MBP as a backup, this setup is starting to make sense. I am not sure what complaints people can truly have... but for me... honestly... I have none.
  • Apple axes Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave

    Anachr0n said:
    ipilya said:
    Just a heads up people.... If you open safari and type in the address bar: vnc://ip-address:port it will open Remote Desktop / screen sharing
    Good to know.  Now all I have to do is ask my parents to look up their IP:port. Easy...

    They’re  probably killing it for security reasons, which is good. My only ask is: if you can share your screen with Face Time/ Messages, and it has end to end encryption; why can’t you also allow remote control?  Is there a significant  difference in risk/security? 
    You can control their computers, but they have to grant permissions once its started. I do this with my ageing non-technical family members.
  • Apple exploring the possibility of moving iPhone manufacturing to United States

    I'd have to go to the crap Android Platform.
    Except that the Android prices would be impacted the same as the iPhones.
  • The Apple Pro Display XDR brings 6K to the Mac for $4999

    I truly believe that this monitor is an excellent piece of kit for the pro-media producer market.... but I am so sad that there is not an option for us developers... or non-media producers... I hate using LG - there have been just way to many issues... please Apple!!!! 
  • Model 'iPhone 13 Pro Max' again shows off smaller notch

    nadriel said:
    That unbox therapy channel dude seems really annoying. 
    yup, about sums it up
  • Apple products must come with three-year warranty in Spain

    dee_dee said:
    Congratulations Spaniards, prices for your Tech gadgets are about to go up!
    wow... nice! I hope this happens before I buy my new iPad Pro ( btw - its only 1 additional year) - and yeah... if it does, then I will simply buy in France or Italy :smiley: 
  • Xiaomi launches Mi Notebook Air, targeting Apple's MacBook lineup

    Is it me... or is their product website a complete failure in its attempt to mimic Apple's?