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  • Apple's new 2019 iMacs deliver twice the speed as previous model, Vega graphics option

    Well, as someone who's still rockin' a 2009 iMac, this is an "oh, Thank GOD!" moment.  I had a lot of internal strife parting with $2K-type money on 2017 specs.

    (Now just need to find sweet spot of performance / budget.) 
  • Apple launches iPhone 12 with 5G, A14 Bionic processor, higher resolution display

    razorpit said:

    No it was not. That was including the measures taken. And those numbers would have been a heck of a lot lower had 5 governors not spike them. Approximately 6% of that magical death number are people who have actually died from just COVID. The survival rates of people under 70 with no other issues is staggering. We destroyed more lives and businesses from our over reaction than the virus could ever have done. Don’t believe me? Look at the new reports from the CDC. 

    While you’re there you can also see wearing masks provides no discernible  benefits for the prevention of the flu. I don’t know how you can even make that statement considering flu season hasn’t even started.

    I thought this was an iPhone 12 thread.   :)

    Just some data:

    2018-19 seasonal flu had an estimated number of deaths around 34000.  US is > 220000.  Both numbers include comorbidity.  Seasonal flu has a couple hundred strains, of which a vaccine is made with the most prevalent 3 - 4.  The novel SARS-CoV-2 has (thankfully) mutated to just a few strains, no vaccine, not seasonal, spreads incredibly efficiently between hosts, and long-term effects are not well-understood.  

    Please wear a mask when the situation calls. </PSA>   

  • An iPhone thank you letter: "Live Photo saved my grandmother's laugh"

    "You can send a Live Photo via Messages, but when you email a Live Photo (or share it via AirDrop), it turns into a standard image."

    I don't think that's true regarding AirDrop.  I took a photo while parasailing this week and used AirDrop to pass to a friend.  I'm quite positive he held his finger on the photo and it showed the short clip.  Is there something different that I'm missing?   
    racerhomie3mike egglestonspheric
  • Apple Watch helps save the life of teen athlete in Oklahoma

    milleron1 said:

    Perhaps your comment is in the running for "most ridiculous." If YOU think about it, you'll know that it is impossible to obtain the data outside of a large, expensive, prospective study. That is precisely the reason why Ivanh pointed out that without knowing how effective the Watch is for this purpose it's a shameless advertisement -- it is meant to prompt people to purchase the Watch without providing any data to show that it's truly efficacious for this purpose. Right now, we don't know if it detects 90% of the episodes of SVT or 0.090% of them. Moreover, teen athletes won't die from a pulse of 190; it approximates their pulse during strenuous activity, so stating blatantly that it "saved the life" of this kid is a deliberate misrepresentation, another factor that makes it a disgraceful advertisement. I have a 4th gen Apple Watch, I'm an MD, and I do believe that it's a worthwhile feature, but I think that reports like this one, and we've seen several, are generally intentionally misleading and therefore "disgraceful."

    I don't think this as "advertised", but rather reporting one of the watch's benefits.  And Apple is certainly interested in using the watch for health monitoring.

    It *might* be a bit too much credit to state the watch "saved the life" of someone, but it would be accurate to state the watch can greatly help identify irregular heart rhythms.  The alternative, at least right now, is wear nothing.

    In terms of the sensitivity / specificity of the ECG with respect to various level of AFib, I'm sure you're aware that Stanford Med ran a multi-year observational / volunteer study of > 400K patients.  They report the findings on their site <link>.  I find it very encouraging in terms of personal health management in the future, with Apple leading the way.      
    Bart Y