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  • Video: iPhone X vs Note 8 - Real World Comparison after 1 month

    Love FaceID, zero issues and only had to put my passcode in after doing updates and I agree that it’s almost like having no passcode on your phone in day to day use.  

    Those sample photos look really bad for the note 8, poor exposure and lacking detail in the sky and on the guys face.  Not to mention the wrong colour of the hooded top he is wearing in the first pic.
  • Proposed Australian law forces tech companies to decrypt customer messages

    That’s fine, Apple can just say, “ok, we will try to crack the encryption of these messages, should get back to you in about 6 billion years once it’s finished”
  • Apple says Spotify 'wants all the benefits of a free app without being free'

    Well said.  It would seem these actions are purely to make Apple look like a bad guy in public, and Spotify the underdog as their complaints will be unlikely to have any traction.  Hopefully the court case against songwriters will get more publicity and show off who Spotify really are, VC bankrolled one trick ponies with a broken business model.
  • Apple will no longer report iPhone, Mac and iPad unit sales

    Probably because share price fluctuates based on number of units sold regardless of profits.  By doing this the only metric they are judged on is profit.
  • Apple sued for $15,000 over injuries sustained in Apple Store evacuation drill

    sflocal said:
    These people literally fell over themselves to sue Apple.
    yes yes, it was intended!
    I banged my head a couple days ago while cleaning my windows.  I can sue Apple for it right? :)
    No, but you could sue Microsoft. Haha
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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for racial equality in light of US shooting deaths

    why- said:

    is it the law in America that the sentence for resisting arrest is death? because that's kind of messed up
    No, but a police officer is a human and is going to react. When you threaten someone with a gun, or try to grab theirs, naturally a human being fears for his safety. Especially when he knows you've got a violent rap sheet three city blocks long. 

    It's like crossing the street on foot. You might have the right of way but if you step in front of a moving car you're going to get hurt. People who didn't get into altercations with the police didn't get shot by police. 
    They have either people with the wrong temperament being officers or piss poor training.  And I'm sure the manual doesn't say 'hold down suspect and then fill full of lead'
  • How to change the DNS server used by your iPhone and iPad

    OpenDNS also do a filtered service called family shield.

    Filters out porn and nasty sites.
  • How to forward calls from your iPhone

    Call forwarding is carrier specific.  All the iPhone does is send a carrier code with the call forward details.

    For the iPhone to do anything more complex would require it to be online and active during the call.  E.g. call forward from a specific group or number to a specific destination, the iPhone would answer the call, then call the destination and merge the call for the duration.

    Some networks offer/used to offer an assistant whereby your calls were answered and then transferred based on your preferences.  This was used to get around the limited logic of call forwards.

    check with your carrier for specific forwarding codes, you can enable multiple call forwards based on their function, here are the codes for O2 uk:

    Not Reachable Divert

    • To activate ** 62 * phone number # SEND

    • To cancel ## 62 # SEND

    • To check status * # 62 # SEND 

    Divert calls when busy

    • To activate ** 67 * phone number # SEND

    • To cancel ## 67 # SEND

    • To check status * # 67 # SEND 

    Divert calls when there is no reply

    • To activate ** 61 * phone number * 11 * no seconds# SEND

    • To cancel  ## 61 # SEND

    • o check status * # 61 # SEND 

    Divert all calls

    • To activate ** 21 * phone number # SEND

    • To cancel ## 21 # SEND

    • To check status * # 21 # SEND 

    To cancel all call diverts

    • To cancel ## 002 # SEND
  • 2019 MacBook Pro keyboard changes don't look like they're going to do much

    My day one 2016 MacBook Pro with Radeon 460 is still going strong. I’m hoping that one of the keys goes wonky so I can take it to get a new top case as mine has a shiny spot where I rest my left palm.  I use it every day of the week running vm’s and world of Warcraft and it’s been rock solid even with the bashing the keyboard takes when playing a WoW. When it’s not in use it’s kept in a Cush case in my laptop bag and it gets an occasional wipe over with a mildly damp cloth now and again to clean it.
  • Adobe takes on iMovie with Project Rush, a powerful cross-device video editing app for cre...

    Subscriptions are fine for business users, for various accounting and tax reasons.  Not so much for prosumers or youtubers.