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  • Apple health study proves anybody can run a marathon -- given enough time

    Less than 90 days to complete a marathon? S l o w
    Article quote:
    “This time using specifically data from April 2023, they found that half of participants would run or walk 26.2 miles in 90 days or fewer.” [of training]

    I’m not sure if you’re serious in your statement or being facetious.   I’d agree that the article needs an edit to make clear meaning of what is done in 90 days. It sounds like what you said, it takes 90 days to complete the distance of a marathon.  In 90 days one has to sleep and eat every day among other bodily functions. 

    I believe the study actually showed that training vigorously nearly every day for 3 months produced results of the ability to complete a marathon event.  

    I wish the age and health of the cohort was revealed in the reporting.   I don’t think it would apply to folks in my late 70’s age group. In my age group it might take a year or more of training to be able to complete a marathon event.  

    I would not run that distance as it is too hard on the spine after aging with normal wear and tear and decline of protein repair at this age. Swimming is a better sport for less wear and tear on joints and connective tissue. 

    At a younger age of 55 yrs old, I did compete at a very fast pace.  Heck, we have professional athletes competing into their 40’s.  
    I agree age would be helpful. I am 79 and still can 20-25 miles a week without discomfort. I don't think a marthon is on the horizon. I gave up mini marathons a couple of years ago because I got neuromas. I have a VO2max around 40 which is decent for my age,but not so good for a marathon. So I am relegated to try and up my mileage to run a marathon a week. I like that... as long as people don't ask me my time.