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  • Donald Trump, who called for a boycott of Apple, reveals he owns over $1M in company stock

    Trump contradicts self in blatant pandering and self-interest.  Film at 11.
  • Apple TV and iOS gain unified television experience with new 'TV' app

    I was pretty disappointed with this announcement, and I've been a fan of the potential for AppleTV for a while.

    Tim Cook says, "I can't imagine why you would need to use anything else to watch TV" (or something similar).  Well, Tim, let me list the reasons:

    1. No Netflix or Amazon Video - pretty big holes for a 'unified TV experience'.
    2. Library doesn't actually list anything in my library, only purchased content from iTunes.  If appropriately tagged, why can't I see all of the content that I have imported into iTunes.  So now, I have to go to 'My Computer' > 'Movies' and then browse that way.  Siri doesn't appear to be able to search there, either.  Incidentally, this is the same problem as the 'Music' app on AppleTV.
    3. No 4K - even if it did allow for Netflix and Amazon, if it doesn't do it in 4K, some of the appeal is lost.  I realize this is a small subset of users, but to omit 4K in 2016/2017 is just foolish.  More folks will be migrating to this resolution and other services don't seem to have any problem providing this service.
    4. No browsing what is on - this is a big deal for my wife.  If she can't just see her favorite channels (not all of which have an app), and it isn't as easy as turning on the TV and browsing the guide, then it is a non-starter.  

    Use case now:  Turn on TV, hopefully it is on the right input.  Open TV App.  Scroll to what's on now, wait, where are all the shows?  Not all are available.  Oh, forget it.
  • Apple enables basic AirPlay 2 functionality in iOS 11.3, tvOS 11.3 betas

    I haven't tried the new AirPlay yet, but maybe someone who has downloaded the beta can answer:

    1. Will it support individual zone volume control (as MacOS does through iTunes), and
    2. Will it support audio delay adjustment? (like Airfoil)

    The second is really a desire to have that built into iOS and MacOS as part of AirPlay versus having to use/license another app.  I have a multi-room audio set up that uses AirPlay compatible receivers and Airport Express boxes connected to a distribution amp.  I can stream to multiple zones using iTunes, which works great except that due to the slight delay in different receivers the audio is out of sync in each of the zones.  This causes weird echoes which is easy enough to solve using a slight delay adjustment.