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  • Apple announces Apple TV+ service with Apple's unique programming, coming this Fall

    It felt like "We've got Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dylan, U2... they are all going to create cutting edge music you've never heard before.  The greatest artists of our time creating music especially for you!!!"  The truth is that most of these people on stage today are past their creative prime and are just cashing in on the deal.  
  • What you need to know: Apple's iCloud Photos and Messages child safety initiatives

    Even though their “heart” may be in the right place, the idea of being able to monitor customers files is disturbing. Now that Apple has a film studio, do we really want them snooping through the screenplays we are writing on Final Draft program and stealing our ideas? Every time a company gets too large, it becomes authoritarian. Now it’s Tim Cook’s face on the huge screen that the girl with the sledgehammer will smash in the next “1984” commercial. It’s the same old story again and again in life. Power corrupts.
  • Apple's iOS 15 to reportedly use facial recognition to validate ID cards

    This is just part of the foundation for the coming "social credit system". The coordination of hi-tech, the world bank and the "health" systems around the world. Read Huxley's "Brave New World", people need to wake up or soon they will find themselves living under absolute control of ruthless overlords. History repeats itself over and over again...
  • Apple TV+ review: don't wake up for 'The Morning Show' just yet

    badmonk said:
    Yeah, the problem I think we are going to see with AppleTV+ is that most ground-breaking TV is not done by A-listers in committee but by people who are not as well known but superbly talented (GOT in the beginning, Breaking Bad, the Wire, Sopranos, Stranger Things, etc etc).  The problem with A-listers is that they lack the singularity of focus to hold a TV show together and they are too complacent.

    As an example look at GOT in the beginning to GOT at the end after they became A-listers.

    The best media requires integrity of vision and focus.  It is not necessarily something you can buy with exorbitant salaries, compromise and the scuttling of courage because of a fear to offend.
    Exactly! It’s about being hungry and taking creative risks. I fear too many of these “A Lister” projects are a bit tired and safe. They saw Apple coming with loads of cash and... oh well you get the picture.
  • Review: Arlo Ultra is a 4K HomeKit-ready smart home camera with endless features

    We’re creating a world where you’ll always have to assume you are on camera, being watched, tracked, identified by face scanning software.  At one time this would have been unthinkable, but Big Brother didn’t have to be forced on us by government - we got seduced into it. I feel sad for future generations.
  • Ford poaches executive leading the 'Apple Car' project

    Ford will be Apple’s partner on the car project. The Ford Titan, designed by Apple. As King Feisal said, “It is written.”
  • MacBook Pro plant workers riot over China COVID lockdown

    It’s amazing how ignorant people are about what is happening in the world. The “zero-covid” policy is a measure by China to enact economic sanctions by hiding behind a “health crisis”. They can control worldwide exports of products and cause economic catastrophe in other countries as they see fit by blaming the “virus”. Omicron variant is not severe so this reaction is absurd. We are 2 years into a ten year plan, fasten your seatbelts.
  • Apple acquires song identifying app Shazam for undisclosed sum

    This isn't about listening to music, it's about listening to YOU.  There will be an always on option under the ruse that if you want to know what song is playing, just look at your phone and it will tell you.  You won't need to initialize Shazam.  But it will be always listening, grabbing words as well, sending you ads based on your conversations.  Big Brother is always listening - they didn't have to force it on you, you just reached for the candy.