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  • Intel-based MacBook Pro is Intel's latest anti-Apple campaign target

    Intel does have a point that macOS sucks if you are a gamer. The latest blockbuster titles just aren’t available on Mac, and that is a fact.  Of course many people buy macs for reasons other than gaming, but the gaming market is a still a relatively big market. 

    Also, Apple could have chosen to use tiger lake and nvidia gpus, but famously opted not to do so, of course,  and intel is just highlighting that. 

    Finally, tiger lake launched with 4 cores, so it couldn’t keep up with m1 and mobile  Ryzen 5000 in multithreaded heavy benchmarks, but tiger lake h with up to 8 cores is out, and it smokes m1 in multithreaded tasks and has taken the gaming crown from AMD, according to a recent Linus Tech Tips review of the 11800H. 
    Actually macOS could be a great gaming platform, it needs marketshare. macOS is much more stable and simpler than Windows, Metal is super fast. Apple Silicon is great and it is just the beginning. Time will tell.
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  • New Pixelmator Pro beta brings Shortcuts & macOS Monterey support

    Best software I've ever bought.
  • Apple hit with lawsuit claiming M1 MacBook screens are 'defective'

    A world of whiners. I'm an IT, just use PCs for a month and you will kiss Apple feet.
  • Apple Arcade two years later: a value that keeps on growing

    I love Apple Arcade, sure it miss triple AAA gaming but gaming is about having fun. And there are a lot of fun games there. It is the Indie paradise. Ah love the co-op games on Apple TV like Cat Quest II, Chronos Dungeons, SongPop party, Crossy Road Castle. So much fun with friends.
  • Apple drops iOS Private Relay feature for users in Russia

    Apple's vision of putting user privacy-first is just marketing.
    They just 'turn off' their mantra in Belarus, China, Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Uganda and the Philippines (and counting)....
     Nope Apple is doing a lot. Sadly there is nothing you can do here, just stop selling your products. And what you achieved?
    And this has nothing in common with CSAM discussione where multi DB are used so no one is in control of them, indeed CSAM would be available (not anymore) on USA only where there are entities who protect children. Apple always did what is possible to do, even when their choices are easily manipulated by detractors. But in this case Apple can’t do nothing. And it is pretty sad.
    you should angry with our politicians who have more power to change Russia government.
  • Fewer Android users switching to 'iPhone 13' because of CSAM scan, no Touch ID

    And misinformation worked great! Google scan photos with human interaction, Apple created a complex system based on mathematical hashes with multi DB from different organisations, all to  guarantee privacy... and users now have fear to use Apple and will instead use Google services with much less privacy and actual photo scan.
  • Epic's Tim Sweeney to speak in South Korea amid app store troubles

    He is a clown
  • Apple will allow customers to repair iPhones and Macs in 2022

    georgie01 said:
    I’ve never been a fan of the right to repair movement because I think it’s totally fine for Apple to want to protect their reputation by trying to ensure some level of repair quality.

    But for some reason I’m totally in favour of this! Genuine Apple parts and presumably cheaper than taking it to an Apple Store.
    Right, the risk is the dumb users will destroy things and blame Apple as always.
  • Majority of iPhone users unimpressed with iPhone 13 lineup, study finds

    viclauyyc said:
    Honestly compared to IP X and 12, the improvement on 13 over the previous generation is not that great. Especially if you are not going to makes a lot of video or a gamer. 
    This is users, non tech users, impression. Having better performance, with better battery life and less heat generation is  AWESOME for any user case.
    Using iPhone 13 mini since few days, never been exited this much by any smartphone, it is just INCREDIBLE in everything.
  • macOS Monterey review: A compelling refinement of Big Sur

    crowley said:
    lkrupp said:
    crowley said:
    lkrupp said:
    crowley said:
    I won't be rushing.  No features of any interest; I tried Focus mode and Tab Groups already and both were a waste of time.
    Perhaps you should move to Windows 11. I hear it’s amazing and has many features of interest to you.
    What's the point of saying that?  I don't want to use Windows, I want to use macOS.  Not rushing to upgrade to the latest version doesn't make me your enemy.  There's no need to be so sour and unpleasant every waking moment.
    And there's no need for you to be perpetually negative. All you ever do is throw shade at Apple. Bah, humbug, I don’t need or want it is your constant mantra. 90% of all comments on this blog are negative, period. Anyone who shows enthusiasm for an Apple product is labeled a fanboy. Gotta maintain that negativity at all costs. It’s the “Apple can do no wrong” mirror image. Stay negative.

    C|net finally saw the light and turned off their comment function. No more constant belittling of users of other platforms, especially Apple and its users. Many news sites have also shut off the comment section. AppleInsider should consider doing the same. The arguments, opinions, expert-wannabes pontificating drive away readers. Readership would likely increase if comments were turned off. They serve no function.
    Then why are you even here?  Save your blood pressure and don't go on negative forums if they bother you so much.  You don't exactly brighten the place up with the incessant sniping.

    And I'm not nearly as negative as you say.  I've been very positive about the new MacBook Pros, am excited for the arrival of my M1 Max 14" in November, and have said so.  And I think I may well buy an iPhone 12 mini and/or an iPad mini soon too, though am hesitating over whether I have the use for it to match the desire.  My general position is Apple hardware good, Apple software good-ish, but on a worryingly wobbly trend.
    You are often exaggerating negatively, also you are totally imposing your views like "Focus mode is totally useless, no other features makes sense..." and go on. Most features are life saver for most users, try to imagine other workflow of uses. He is right, so it apply to you too: If you are so frustrate just change computer/hobby/attitude. Save your blood pressure and try a new hobby.