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  • Review: Sonos One brings high fidelity to smartspeakers

    Would appleinsider writers please stop using the words "High Fidelity" unless they fully understand what the term means. There is no way on Earth this Sonos One speaker nor an Apple HomePod will ever produce High Fidelity audio. Never, never, ever...

    Audio is governed by the laws of physics, so no small container filled with loudspeakers will ever produce low frequencies at high amplitude  A human ear (commonly) hears wavelengths down to 20Hz, a listeners body can feel frequencies lower than 20Hz but they cannot hear them.

    I would hazard a guess from each Sonos One or HomePod enclosure (speaker) size (as seen) they will have crossover circuitry which will roll off steeply at 120-100Hz...they may reach 80Hz but the amplitude will be considerably lower (quieter) than those above the crossover rolloff frequencies aforementioned.

    A High Fidelity loudspeaker will produce a flat frequency response across the entire audible range of 20Hz - 20kHz. That is, for a given level of amplification no part of the frequency range will appear to be or indeed will be louder or quieter than preceding or succeeding frequencies.

    As sound is simply modulated heat, it will take until some genius manages to create the technology to sufficiently heat coincident focal points in the air of your living-room directly with lasers in such a way the heat can be modulated to produce even amplitude sound from the lowest discernible frequencies to the highest. That tech will be a long time coming.

  • New 'pro' iMac said to have discrete GPU and Xeon E3 processor, ship at end of 2017

    macxpress said:

    How many real Pros are actually going directly to Microsoft? 
    We transitioned 40 of our 50 developers to Windows 10 PC's when we last refreshed our hardware. The MacPro simply wasn't flexible enough for our games developers.
  • Which Apple W1-equipped headphones are right for you?

    I've found the audio quality of my AirPods to be disappointingly poor. Often the signal decouples (even when the iPad is no more than 3 feet away) and the music jumps from one ear to the next. Apple clearly needs to work on these given the price.
  • Apple correcting Siri "abortion" search issue uncovered in 2011

    cnocbui said:
    America is so damned screwed up when it comes to Human Rights' issues. You all know everything dies, yet millions of you; ...defend your "right" to bear arms, Capital Punishment ...go outdoors and kill or maim wildlife on a whim... help cause untold misery in third-world countries where our planets poorest get to live short, wretched lives clawing minerals from their soil in the destructive process of providing you with products you don't really need. So, it's bloody amusing when those of you get so yippity-yuppety about a woman or a man's choice to terminate a pregnancy; grounds for which may be myriad and often in the interests of the zygote. 75% of American's cling to a totally unprovable belief that some god, thought up by Pagan Semites just a few moments ago, equivocally divines how and when all life both begins and ends. Yet, of the incontrovertible fact this same god terminates countless more zygotes than his creations could ever do, you don't question his morality.
    At least women in the US can get an abortion.  In Ireland they can't, even if the pregnancy is life threatening.
    Well, that's just an example of immorality thought up by people who would sooner base "reasoning" on Hebrew or Arabic text than stand up to the arduous task of being human beings. Without recourse to extremely convenient, and utterly duplicitous Abrahamic get-out clauses available via, Catholic Confessional, Judaic Al Cheyt or Islamic Istighfar (just a few of the many ways those lacking humanistic sensibilities absolve themselves from their actions), all 613 mitzvoth or sins of the Pentateuch and Qur'an, would negate any consideration that life was worth living. Were it that all those "laws" were written into the vaginal walls for each to read during our eviction, I bet we'd all hit the "Abort" button and render our species extinct.

    Nothing should ever be censored. Tim Cooke, a gay man, should know that.
    cnocbuiMr_Greymacky the mackythepixeldocai46iosenthusiast
  • Apple correcting Siri "abortion" search issue uncovered in 2011

    your "right" to bear arms
    "So you believe that innocent life is not worth protecting."

    All independent sentient life is worth protecting. The assumption that only "innocent" people die by the gun is not reflected in statistics. America's profligate firearms laws means anyone can be on the receiving end of a bullet; be they law abiding or of criminal intent. In the UK the number of deaths by firearms is barely registered outside of the criminal underworld. However, those people here trained to use guns in the course of their "civic duties" quite often kill unarmed people who were not remotely involved in criminal actions. I believe to a far, far greater degree, America has the same problem with its own armed police.

    "So you believe that you should be forced to pay for an entire lifetime of luxury for a mass murderer."

    I believe in a system of rehabilitation. Locking a person up and throwing away the key is barbaric. If a person is so psychologically damaged that they cannot comprehend the consequences of their actions they should be cared for in a secure hospital environment.
    It has also been established, well beyond any reasonable doubt, that in a Judaeo-Christian culture capital punishment does not deter illegal killing. So, the point of it is...? Also, if you feel compelled to adopt the madness of an eye for an eye, why not murder the murderer on death row by hypoxia? Loss of consciousness takes two to three seconds, the executed have no physical or psychological awareness that they're dying and, crucially for a population of capitalists,  the process used (any inert gas, but preferably Argon) is materially cheap, naturally abundant, environmentally clean.

    "So you believe that animals are people."

    No, silly. I believe people are animals.

    "El oh el."

    Acknowledge your role in consumerism. The selfish benefits goods may bring you means somewhere along its passage into your life less fortunate people have paid a high price in environmental degradation and personal deprivation gathering base materials which enables you to use it as a status symbol until its psychological obsolescence is assured by marketeers.

    "A man has no choice."

    They do within a functional relationship.

    "So you believe in God and yet don’t believe in God?" 

    No, I don't believe in god. Though, despite a total vacuum of any evidence, theists do believe god's existence is incontrovertible. Just how they come to that conclusion is beyond my powers of reasoning. 

  • Apple sued over 2016 leg injury caused by alleged MacBook battery issue

    That's the only way to know if you have a bad apple or not.
    ...surely not, Jdw. What's so difficult about biting an apple to check its quality?
  • Samsung trying to fight iMessage chat elitists with response graphic gallery

    "You know what it’s like to be the green bubble. We made a whole gallery of green GIFs so you can message your blue bubble friends and show them it’s good to be green. 


    The official Pithy on Giphy page of Samsung Mobile USA.

    Such a lot of expended 
    energy and wasted time to let Samsung customers demonstrate that #GreensDoCare.
  • Apple adds 100 emoji to latest iOS 10 beta, promotes diversity and gender equality

    ncil49 said:
    no, they'll just laugh at all the dead white guys who were so frightened about...well, everything. 
    More trashing white men.  How very tolerant and enlightened.  If, for example, it weren't for the 99 percent of dead white men on the Allied side in WW 2 this topic wouldn't exist...

    ncil49 said:
    no, they'll just laugh at all the dead white guys who were so frightened about...well, everything. 
    More trashing white men.  How very tolerant and enlightened.  If,for example, it weren't for the 99 percent of dead white men on the Allied side in WW 2 this topic wouldn't exist and we would all be enslaved by really bad white men.  

    If all those dead white men had not had legions of oppressed black men pressed into labouring the supply of endless tons of ordnance rather than fighting (don't give them guns!) then what do you suppose the majority skin colour of the beached corpses would have been? The USA had learned by Vietnam that sending greater numbers of 19 year old black's and hispanic's into combat was more socially acceptable than the loss of white teenagers.

    White men have earned their trashing.
  • Tim Cook refutes negative IDC Apple Watch report, says early holiday sales set new record

    Platitudinous piffle.
  • French company sues Apple over incomplete HTML5 support on iOS, macOS Safari

    mr o said:
    This is significant.

    This is not simply about HTML5, is it? It is about progressive web apps: They look and act exactly the same as a native app on your iDevice. The difference is that they don't need an App store. You simply download them from the web and use them offline. They're written in simple HTML5, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. 

    Progressive web apps are the future of the web on mobile. I hope Apple recognizes this, and turn the iPhone into a true Internet Communicator.

    Have a look at this video here.  It is a Mozilla talk Chris Wilson did a couple of weeks ago:
    Anything that uses a parser vs compiler as a baseline technology is already inherently inferior. That's ignoring broken standards and largely fragmented toolsets alongside performance and security. The web world with it's current technology stack is leaps and bounds inferior to native application development. There's a reason a first class application is typically native. You are beyond wrong on this. The future will hopefully be distributable and fragmentable binaries that compile natively rather get parsed.
    They'll never go near OpenDoc ever. Such a shame. It was years ahead of its time and had limitless possibilities.