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  • Apple TV app adds 3D movies ahead of Vision Pro release

    I wonder is it possible to sideload appleTV onto say the quest3 and watch these 3d movies using that ?
  • AirTags help Toronto man track down stolen Range Rover

    So you put the key in a faraday pouch to stop the relay exploit working. Most manufacturers of new cars now no longer require this, they have put movement sensors in the key, if the key has not moved for X minutes, the key switches off all its wireless functionality, and therefore the relay system can not talk to a key that has not moved for a while.

    The story infers that the car wasn't physically lifted and they managed to drive it away even though the key was in a pouch. There is another exploit on some cars, whereby a laptop can be plugged into the ODB port on the car, and but some magic, can then start the car. Perhaps this is what they did.
  • Rumor: AirTag 2 will debut with Apple Vision Pro integration in early 2025

    Don't airtags also have an apple proprietary UWB tx-er  in addition to bluetooth ?
  • 'Apple Glasses' reportedly launching in 2026 or 2027 at the earliest

    This is starting to feel like the whole Apple Car thing. Scores and scores of articles of it definitely coming, who is working on it, where they are working on it, when it might launch, what it might have and then it never really was going to happen at all.

    Or go back several years earlier, and it was the same thing with the Apple TV.

    One wonders sometimes where these stories come from, or are they just total fabrications that the entire industry is in on to fill column inches and provide clickbait.

    Be honest, is it really now journalistic worth posting ANYTHING on this subject, when the most recent "leak" is saying its not happening for 3-4 years, and actually no one knows for sure if there is actually a project at all ?

    I hear Apple are going to fabricate their own ram chips, won't be in devices until 2028...proceed with conjecture for 3-4 years about size, R&D partner, key personnel, cost savings, novel IP that might be deployed based on some tenuous patents being applied/granted, power requirements, location of plant, first product to use them etc...and then ummm, the project has been dropped.