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  • Apple's project 'Marzipan' will let iOS apps run on the Mac in 2018 - report

    danv2 said:
    I have to be honest, I kind of want to vomit now. This only underscores them backtracking on years, and years, and years, of research and design. The touch screen is not the desktop and vice versa. This is the Red Wedding of macOS essentially to me. Making these super universal apps will destroy ecosystems, and make people incredibly frustrated. It did not work for Microsoft, and it did not work for Google, why in the hell is Apple doing this? Who did they hire? I'm betting some Google or Redmond recruit has gotten his claws in deep enough to poison the well and destroy a good thing. I can be up front in saying Jobs is rolling around in his grave at the moment, and yeah, I take that and run with it because its the truth. And yeah, Jobs is dead, but this is ripping up the playbook and crapping on the idea of a tablet OS and a desktop OS. They are separate, they are different. Programmers and customers alike do not like to conflate them. Mark my words though: 2018 Apple will require you to build a Mac OS app as well, and then state you can't put it on the App Store unless you have a version of both. The end result: anarchy and hell.
    Save the vomit. Today a developer can make a single iOS app that will run on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. iPhone/iPad are mostly the same GUI, but TV and Watch have completely different GUIs. The change will allow a developer to add one more target, the Mac, which has its own GUI.
  • Apple's biggest introduction on Tuesday: Apple Park

    Hmmm, if better buildings mean better work, and if macs and iphones came out of the dreary old buildings, whoah! Imagine what’s next! Transporters and warp drives, here we come. 

    Actually, concerning to me is the history of big companies in their hubris building monumental headquarters which in retrospect turn out to be their high water mark. Hopefully Apple has a way to run yet.