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  • Apple's Q3 beats expectations with $42.4B in revenue, 40.4M iPhone sales

    Apple has for quite a while done a lot to make their hardware last longer with the consumers. Sometimes I think it's a function of their commitment to environment combined with a drive to really be user friendly behind this. Going 64 bit "early" for example gave each generation ability to be upgraded with a few more generations of iOS. Given that the user base includes everything from those who buy new every year down to kids who get their parents after 3 years of use of course eventually volumes will go down. But maybe also at some point stabilise.
    At this point install base is the key. And so software as well as services. At that point Apple will more than ever rely on all three revenue streams. So - even though today Apple is from a revenue point of view hardware based, I view them as a company creating user satisfaction and value by doing the best thought out eco system.
    Is it there then? Do they have vision there? They are now cought in a trap where service revenue need to grow but some of their services are a bit to expensive to fully take over pure hardware sale. Such as - in my mind - storage for photos in the cloud. Here they also need FTTH with enough symmetrical bandwith to grow so that such services function properly.

    tricky but over all they do very good stuff. Buy!
  • Apple Music passes 11M subscribers as iCloud hits 782M users

    There is something about things they release - bugs aside - more a feeling which from time to time is lost. This experience of putting the user in focus - not the feature or apple wanting to sell.

    ATV4 - the Apple way would have been to ship a updated Remote app at the same time. Just befause they are detail, detail, detail.

    iTunes app - if you do not want AppleMusic it still feels like Apple insists on showling it back in focus from time to time. The software even is at risk of loosing it's useabiliy if one does not want Apple Music. That feeling. The touch. Which has chenged.

    iPhotos is the same - you turn it on and it syncs photos fine but at some point one is forced to pay more or it does not work. And it feels like that free good software has become a bloated advertising gimmic.

    I understand that the rental business model is tempting and in many cases also a perfect way to provide good solutions. But the execution must be different. We expect a better feeling. Or at least I do.