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  • After 11 years of work, people actually like Apple Maps

    igorsky said:
    barthrh said:
    I find Apple Maps dangerous. Here's why: You're driving along with them on CarPlay and you come up to a complex intersection. The map zooms in and it looks so mind-blowingly amazing I find it hard to keep my eyes on the real road. The renderings, down to the complex markings at some intersections, are just so nice.
    In this scenario it sounds like you’re the danger on the road. 
    Good grief. Sometimes you think that it's so obvious that there is no reason for a sarcasm tag, then someone proves you wrong.
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  • Apple Pay accounted for 92% of US mobile wallet debit transactions in 2020, study says

    Even mom and pop stores are accepting Apple Pay these days. My local donut shop does, my local restaurant does, my local Farmers Market does.

    But not Walmart, not Home Depot.
    Up until COVID Home Depot (in Canada) didn't accept it (or any contactless payment). Since then, they do. They hate it because it hides your CC number which they use to track purchasing.
  • iCloud Shared Photo Library vs. Shared Albums in Photos

    You missed the most important reason to use the Shared Library: When using a shared album, photos are reduced to 2048 pixels on the long edge, except panoramic photos, which can be up to 5400 pixels wide. For reference, the back camera of an iPhone captures at 3024x4032. Digital SLRs just move up from there. As a result, every picture gets knocked down in resolution.

    If you want to share photos as originals, don't use shared albums.
  • Users lobby 1Password to abandon new Electron version

    Based on my experience with apps using it, Electron is terrible. Flash terrible? Not quite, but working hard towards it. Microsoft is abandoning it for Teams, with the new 2.0 release expected to use 50% of the resources. 1P's native approach to Mac was a huge selling point. If that's gone, then I'll definitely take a look at alternatives.
  • Peloton could be bought by Apple to boost healthcare initiatives

    GeorgeBMac said:Apple already has a raft of classes and excellent instructors -- and they are continually building and improving on that.
    And, like you say, Apple would not want their hardware.

    So, what's left?  A couple million subscribers who would have to buy Apple equipment anyway?  Why bother?

    Agree. I like Peloton and their product (I have one). The instructors are top notch. The hardware is excellent and creates great stickiness. The issue is that if they roll Peloton into Fitness+, subscription revenue disappears, like my $40-$50/mo. Even if theses are new subscribers, it's still as drop in revenue unless they retain a separate fee for the bike / tread classes. So they get talent; whatever, there is a lot of talent out there. It's worth something, but not the billions they'd need to pay, in my opinion. Way cheaper to selectively poach instructors with signing bonuses.
  • Apple announces new Music, Podcasts, and Maps features coming in the fall

    SharePlay for car passengers is brilliant. This allows anyone in the car to queue up music without needing to hand over the connected phone or change the CarPlay connection.
  • Ampere Apple Watch Charging Cable review: A better fast charger

    JP234 said:
    When I go to bed at night, I set the watch (v.7) on the included USB-C charging puck. Whadda ya know? By the time I wake up, it's 100% charged.
    What's the need to spend $39 extra to accomplish the same thing? Did you break your OEM cable?
    Imagine not understanding the concept of multiple chargers for different situations.
    ... or that many people wear their watch while they sleep and charge it during the daytime.
  • Even with so many demonstrated use cases, Apple Vision Pro might not yet have a purpose

    Marques Brownlee finished his hands on review by comparing this to the Apple Watch Series 0. You need to get the device in the hands of users to see how *they* want to use it. Developers and users will ultimately define how this is used and where Apple goes. They changed strategy based with Watch and it'll probably happen here.
  • Volkswagen CEO isn't sure that Apple wants to build cars

    I believe that with EV platforms that cars will become more of a customization / personalization experience. Today, most manufacturers design and build most of their cars and electronics. Some may buy an engine from another manufacturer (e.g. Toyota engines in Lotus) or work together on one car (BMW Z4 / Toyota Supra). I expect that with an EV all but the largest manufacturers will buy a platform: batteries, motors, drivetrain. They'll mess with suspension, body, interior. Purchase the electronics. This is great news to companies that make (today) unreliable cars (fill in your favorite British or Italian brand here). Apple's plan in this could be to provide components. Software via CarPlay, self-driving, maybe even offer the battery / chassis / tech as a ready-to-build-upon stack.

  • Major 'Apple Watch X' redesign rumored to arrive in 2024

    radarthekat said:

    A round smartwatch removes function for the sake of form.  
    You mean like making a keyboard so thin that a tiny speck of dust causes it to become unusable? /s

    It's too complicated for developers; you'd either waste real estate or have apps that need to accommodate difference screen shapes. Unless you can really take advantage of the round-ness (i.e., UX explicitly does things using that shape), there is no point in being round.